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Tracker Location?

Discussion in 'Technical Help' started by Guizado, Feb 10, 2020.

  1. Hi everyone, I saw this asked before in one thread so I thought I would ask the same question, I just put a deposit on a 1299, and I am a bit scared of the attention it might bring, I plan in installing a Biketrac tracker but wanted opinions on what's the best place to install it that will make it hard for someone to remove it quickly, all recommendations to be done via PM.

    Thanks everyone.
  2. Get a decent ground anchor and chain for home also
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  3. To benefit from the support offered by a Bike Trac, I believe it has to be installed by an authorised installer, not self installed. You should also check that a tracker was not fitted by the original purchaser. There has recently been a couple of people asking what a particular box was, not knowing that it had been fitted from new which is often required for insurance by a broker. I have no idea where my Bike Trac unit is as it was fitted during the PDI when all the fairings were off. Andy
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  4. Put it next to the air filter housing

  5. Yes I plan on doing that, I am not sure if it has a tracker but will ask the dealer and check documents.
    Do you guys havê any idea how much someone will charge me to install the tracker?
  6. I have always had a tracker fitted as part of another job like a PDI or a service so a you are not paying twice to take the fairings off. I'd guess about 1.5 hours labour so around £100. Andy
  7. Mine is self installed and they are fine. Dealers tend to go for a quick and dirty Install rather than truly trying to hide the loom etc.
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  8. I have a feeling that at one point Ducati were fitting Biketrac foc so definitely check there is not one on there already, if you are ok on the tools I would fit it myself.
  9. Just read the terms and conditions here, https://biketrac.co.uk/terms-conditions/. 2/9, requires fitting to be carried out by an automotive electrician with a Thatcham or manufacturer's accreditation. Andy
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  10. I saw the other day on multistrada enduros that biketrac was fitted free of charge & they threw in one-year coverage. Ducati dealerships are authorized installers as mentioned.
  11. I've got an Enduro, how would one go about finding out if I've got one installed?
  12. 1st point of contact would be the original supplying dealer. They don't need to contravene any data protection just to let you know if they fitted a tracker. I believe Bike Trac can identify if one of their units is fitted from the vehicle registration. Andy
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  13. I wouldn’t expect Bike Trac to release information to readily...
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  14. That's what I was thinking!
  15. Two things come to mind:
    1. Don't expect owners to tell just anyone if they have a tracker or where it is fitted - why make it easier for thieves to locate and remove them?
    2. If you buy a used bike you need to satisfy yourself (via dealer, BikeTrac or other provider) that it doesn't have a tracker fitted, or if it does that it has been disabled (or registration transferred to new owner) - you don't want a previous owner to be able to track you/your bike - again, why make it easier for thieves?
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  16. I know Ducati are fitting them as standard now on a number of models, my suspicion would be that they have taken the time to install them at the factory in somewhere that's really really difficult to remove! on a used bike it could have been installed in a number of places and is probably varied deliberately by authorized dealers.
  17. Well it appears my bike originally came from Ducati Wolverhampton who seem to be no more so doubt I can find out by that route.
  18. Leave your bike off it's charger for a week....if the batterys dead when you go back to it, you've probably got a tracker fitted! :)
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  19. Good point! Normal battery drain with and without tracker anyone? I'll measure mine later.
  20. If it already has one it will no doubt be from one of the big tracker firms so you could start with Biketrac and give them a call if you have the reg and explain the situation
    They will know if it is on their system as just because it isnt subscribed to etc it will still be traceable
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