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Trail Riding In The Brecons

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Pavsta, Jan 8, 2021.

  1. Digging through some old hard drives in lockdown I found a little film I made of a Wales trip with my two brothers back in 2006. Bit of a poor man's Long Way Down of the time. If you've ever wondered what the Brecons is all about and need something to watch, thought some might find it interesting..

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  2. really enjoyed that, if you are still into your off roading and fancy a return let me know and i will if you want put you in contact with my son its our back yard and he has good knowledge of the area. :motorcycleduc:
  3. You guys like your tea! Looks like you had a lot of fun, especially getting over the barriers. Which one are you?
  4. My son's infamous Dirt Cadets !
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  5. I’m the rarely seen one on the BM. Was into my filming back then (was a major effort as I recall!)
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  6. thanks - there’s talk of another trip post lockdown (but there’s always talk..)
  7. After doing a off road school in Wales always fancied a bit more.
  8. BMW experience or Touratech ( Nick Plumb) both in my village. Well worth the trip i am told ?
    My son now prefers the big Trailie's he has his KTM1290 all tricked up like riding an armchair off-road........ having said that he has just got another KTM525 absolute beast off road.
  9. let me know if you would like some company.............
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  10. Enjoyed that - THANKS for posting.... you sure do drink a lot of tea....
  11. thanks for posting the vid i have can't wait to be able to get back to wales on my 700 tenere
  12. The filming/ editing is pretty good.
  13. Mick Extance north Wales. Kawasaki bikes.
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  14. That’s a big swap he’s been KTM for a fair few years.
  15. It was a while ago. The IL4 250 or whatever I used was pretty good tho tbh
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