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Trip Meter Setting

Discussion in 'Supersport (1974-2007)' started by Desmoquattro, Jul 30, 2017.

  1. So today I discovered my trip meter is in KMs and Speed is in MPH?! It's a UK bike so I need miles, is there a selection switch or something. Maybe some drunk Italian assembled it back in 2002 this way just to mess with someones head?
  2. Ooo-er.......

    Well, I never spotted a selection switch on three speedos that I had here.......but mine were simple carbed SS ones.
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  3. sounds very odd!!! Is it electric?
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  4. It's a mechanical unit for the SS ie. I thought the tank had super capacity until today when mates bike had 60 and I had 100 odd. Worked it out that his was indeed correct. Weirdest thing. Dial says miles FB_IMG_1501439972215.jpg
  5. On the plus side, your bikes done bugger all mileage eh :upyeah: Barely 4300 !!! :grinning:

    Does it also do well over 200 mph ?? Not helping I know !! ;)
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  6. proper odd! Is it just the trip meter or the odometer also?
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  7. Turns out the Odometer is KMs too! Speed is definitely MPH. Strange
  8. In that case then, I suspect its a KM/H unit that's had a MPH card put on the front(where the 2 screws are)
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  9. Hence, a possibility that your bike was not UK supply originally ??
  10. Well then. That's means my mileage is a lot lower. Awesome. The card looks very good quality as I thought it was original. It goes up to 180mph and the ones I've seen on eBay are 160 and have CEV printed on them....
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  11. Friday bike for sure!
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  12. Does look a different top card compared to this 2002 from Google ??

  13. Possibly, was only a thought that's all, I can't see any other reason for it ??
  14. Mystery solved!!!! I have a low miles example then. Bonus!!!! See bottom of dial FB_IMG_1501443443969.jpg
  15. Couldn't read it from normal angle
  16. So it is a different card then ?? I accept cheques or cash :upyeah:
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  17. i have a new zero mile one for that if you want a new bike!
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