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Trip To Scotland

Discussion in 'Touring' started by NBB, May 20, 2019.

  1. Had a trip to Scotland booked for months and last weekend was when it finally happened. If you haven’t been up that way yet, I highly recommend it.
    Managed to cover the whole journey up there using the twistiest roads possible with only a 20 mile stretch of the M6 included. 364 miles of twisties does tire you out though.
    Anyway, some pics of the trip and the accident on the last day.
    Setting off from mine;

    Next stop Windermere, then Loch Lomond;

    Before arriving at the digs;
    An hour in the hot tub eased those aching bones.

    Next day was a ride into Oban up the A816 for breakfast before the days riding commenced. From there a ride to Fort William, fuel stop then up to Dalwhinnie and back. From there we took the longer route back through Glencoe into Oban for a curry.
    E0078DFF-8FE7-4D02-A1F4-C4B9B1D0659C.jpeg BB66A6CE-0DB3-4D88-9073-D6C4FE67E382.jpeg CAF9D269-8B88-46CE-93BA-8C2E3E0E9817.jpeg 6C40711F-C837-4F39-8E74-AC3925827E3F.jpeg

    A curry was needed and had, then a ride back to the digs, which is when things wen pear shaped. Bambi decided she had suicidal tendencies and jumped in front of me, which put an end to my trip. Luckily I was only doing around 25mph during the accident.
    5B60B55A-F91B-414C-AA05-45B449AC0A76.jpeg C4159944-78F0-426C-97A9-0E28205F662C.jpeg 0AA2AE25-8133-4E3A-9762-8DD63470909D.jpeg A290A302-4183-46A9-9EF2-1E32CF9C1F28.jpeg

    So with decent kit and low speed, I escaped with a broken hand and bruising.

    Was still a great trip up there.

    Now just waiting on the insurance decision to repair or write off.




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  2. Mate that's pants luck but a luck escape all the same, you can do real damage against Armco.

    Good luck with your recovery and the trip looked good
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  3. Bad luck, but glad you’re ok.
    Could have been so much worse.
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  4. Bad Bambi, that must have been a shock! GWS poorly dude :cool::upyeah:
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  5. Holy mackerel :eek: a friend of mine wrecked his RS2000 front end with a deer on the forest row/A22 section many moons ago,,,the bike can be fixed or replaced but the deer cannot:(
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  6. No true, but it could be eaten.
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  7. Whetted my apetite for my trip in July :) (except the Bambi incident :()

    Get well soon dude.
  8. Thread moved
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  9. Bad luck - get well soon.
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  10. Recovery guy did say he was going to pick it up.
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  11. Waste not want not, and all that.
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  12. If the weathers good, you’ll love it. Roads are cracking and minimal traffic. Locals are a great source of knowledge for lesser known routes and where police cameras are.
    There was only one camera van on the whole trip just outside Fort William.

    Plan fuel stops also, as they can be few and far between.
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  13. Back at hospital today for a new cast. Got a Ducati red one :upyeah:
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  14. Bugger, I have a mate who hit a deer at similar speed on his SP1, broken wrist, signed off work for some time (self-employed joiner) and wrote the bike off! His wife said he was too old for a sports bike so it got replaced with a GS :eek: although he still has his CBR600RR for shits and giggles :upyeah:
    So much for loud pipes scaring them off :worried:
    I put a deer scarer whistle on my wife's car - high pitched thing that you can't hear - would it work on a bike? Doe they work at all??
    Good luck with the wrist and insurance
  15. bummer. all to common i'm afraid, and luckily only a Roe. the feckers hunt in packs. the first one jumps out to distract you, but there is always a second just behind it. that's the one you need to be aware of.
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  16. Damn! Hard luck. And GWS
  17. Well the insurance have just been on and deemed the bike a CAT B write off which surprised me a bit considering the relatively low speed of the incident.

    That does leave me with a few spares, which i'll post in the for sale section soon, before they go on eBay.
  18. Nice bike, but that's a shame to see. Can it be re-assessed as like you've said, doesn't seem like a CATB?
    I guess it can now only be stripped now and the remains crushed?
    Was there no option to buy it back and strip it yourself? Seems like quite a few nice parts still left on it!
  19. There was a shed load of nice bits on it. Nearly every bolt was swapped to titanium, Akra’s, rapidbike evo and the translogic quickshifter was 2 days old. Quite a few Matt carbon bits also.
    I wasn’t offered the chance to buy it back and probably wouldn’t have anyway. I got paid out what I had in it, so I was happy with that to be honest.
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