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TTF2 replica

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by rcv4, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. im just starting this project for a mate,it is based on a 95 600SS the plan is to get it as close as poss with out spending big bucks,the original frame will be used with a new subframe and some bracing on the frame and some chopping out,a step back with dymag skinny 18" wheels and 2 pot brembos and conventional forks R6,dry clutch cable operated,36mm dellortos on short manifolds,alloy tank and F2 fibreglass,big problem will be the exhaust as the rear head is the wrong way round but i have a idea for that
    20140208_164935_zpsgn4mnjua.jpg 20140109_201440_zpsomv3wvfp.jpg
    this is the pattern for the cable clutch which will be cast one its ready.


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  2. Certainly looks an interesting project. Keep the pics coming:upyeah:
  3. More pictures please! I had the same carb issue with my Pantah using a later 750 motor. I chopped and welded a couple of manifolds to give the PHF36's a nice run through the frame rails.
  4. i have just finished making the tank,f2 tank wont fit as the frame rails are tapered and the ss are parallel so if you cant buy it make it,im not sure on the silencers yet ie single or twin megga f1 style black either way. 20140208_174513_zps9macxegc.jpg 20140208_174114_zpsc2bxuind.jpg


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  5. Superb work!
  6. forgot to mention the carbs and manifolds are off a 750 sport.
  7. Skills...:cool:
  8. Any time you'd like to make me a 'sample' tank for my guzzi, just let me know:wink:
  9. attachment.jpg Saw Tony Rutters bike recently in a dealership , old race bikes seem to have a nice lustre to them.


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  10. Don't ask me how that happened ?
  11. D'you know why they have a nice lustre to them Peter? It's because they have nothing that isn't required, they are pure machines designed to do nothing but go as fast as they can. That's the appeal.
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  12. when i have some time i will let youi know.
  13. thanks for the pic Peter,i think he is going to paint the bike in the same blue and red design.
  14. No worries but I'm offended you didn't use the mirror image. :biggrin:
  15. Wouldn't that be a cool track day toy.
  16. we made a bit of progress this week,R6 forks fitted,the rear subframe has been cut and reshaped,the 18" Dymags are in,we have some bracing to finish on the frame and the framework for the rearsets to finish. 20140227_142436_zpsarep5fvq.jpg

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  17. That's looking really good! Are you keeping the stock swingarm or making one from tube?
  18. we will be changing the swingarm for a alloy ss version,the bike needs to be finished for the end of the month so we wont have time to fab a arm,we still have a big list of jobs to do on it ..frame to finish,brakes adaptor plates,rear sets,fairing and brackets,exhaust,electrics,battery box etc,breather tank...and a load of stuff i will have forgot about.
  19. Great project, and good luck. From the photo it looks more like a 1980/81 TT600 than a 1982/83 TTF2.
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