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Tuono - The Sound Of Thunder

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Robarano, Feb 25, 2020.

  1. After buying my Tuono (Italian for Thunder) a month or so ago, I finally got around to having the horrid OEM exhaust replaced with a carbon Akrapovic on Saturday.



    It now looks and sounds like it should and as an added bonus, shoots flames out the back end. :heart_eyes:

    For anybody buying one of these without a race exhaust. Aprilia are extremely protective of their products now and won't give a dealer a map for the bike without a VIN number and ECU code. They also want an invoice number for the exhaust to prove it's an Aprilia accessory (Akrapovic). Aparently owners were fitting Austin Racing and SC cans to the bikes and burning valves out, so now they will have nothing to do with them. My dealer was spot on and sorted the mapping and did the job as if you try and fit the axhaust (thereby removing the exhaust valve) the bike has a brain fart and won't even start with the exhaust valve cables removed. I hear it's possible to have an ECU remapped on the Aprilia forum, but to be honest, it sounds like a chew on and this way the dealer looks after me.



    The dash now has an Aprilia racing logo present to prove the race map is now loaded. :blush:





    Oh, I rode it to the dealer in a rare dry spell the other day to have the job done. This one's a keeper. :)
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  2. Shhhhhhh :bucktooth:
  3. Too late, it's very noisy. :bucktooth:
  4. And flamey :)
  5. Phew, no wheel stickers yet :eyes:
  6. I've never fitted wheel stickers to anything in my life. :mad:
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  7. Is this a new one? My neighbour across the road is thinking of getting one.
  8. He needs a Honda 90 :thinkingface:
  9. It's a 2017. They had a major update with a digital dash and improved electronics for 2017. They are pretty much the same now.

    You can tell if they are the updated bike by the dash.
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  10. Not slow Dave.........his next door neighbour Dan (who already has a CRF450 he rides to work, a BMW Cafe Racer NineT, and a Honda Grom).
  11. You have never mentioned fast Dan before :thinkingface:
  12. Looks awesome Rob. Love a flame or two.
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  13. We’ve lived here a year and I’ve not ridden with him yet........whenever I’ve gone for a ride and invited him he’s had stuff to do and vice versa. He can ride though just looking at how he backs the CRF in when he pulls up coming in from work!
  14. Cool that it has reverse :):upyeah: ..............:motorcycleduc:
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  15. Yeah.........I couldn’t think how to describe it lol
  16. You will have some fun with that, I spent a month or 2 trying to get my hands on a nice low mileage 2017 and gave up, Wasn't enough ££££ between the 18 and new 19 so just went new, What a bike, Absolutely luv mine 67873002_2398803830403968_5945949786824769536_n.jpg
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  17. Yep. It certainly seems a cracker in the few miles I've ridden it.

    As usual, the Aprilia build quality is outstanding. :) :upyeah:
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  18. Must admit i did like mine, but that was a 2011 i think, first of the APRC if i recall.

    At the time, and maybe still the case, you could unhook the flapper valve cabling in the stock headers and fit any slip on for added V4 loveliness.
    Admittedly I didn't refuel it, but it made it full on noisy from earlier in the rev range, with the valve cabling in place it didn't used to open until circa 5000rpm

    Must try the new type bikes, im told the riding position has changed, more flat and the seat much more plush. My 2011 had a seat made of granite and put me at a weird angle riding it, gave me some of the worse neck ache after a ride and that was only because of body position not wind blast.

    Sounds like a proper V4
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