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1260 Twelve Month Service Tomorrow!!

Discussion in 'Multistrada' started by Bobmg, Aug 15, 2019.

  1. Hi all, got my 12 month service tomorrow, any advice on what should be happening other then an oil change, time scales, weather looking crappy so will wait with it!!!
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  2. Mine had recalls done too, re-routing the rear indicator wiring was the main one, took all day, 8.30 till 16.00, a right PITA
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  3. Your lil book will list the items dude.
  4. Isn't there also a key update?

    Mine's due any time now. Will be interested to hear how much this costs o_O
  5. £250....ish
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  6. £225 this week - £60 of which was for oil :)
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  7. Not utterly crippling then but a lot for oil, a filter and a check over. I guess that's all it is.

    Waiting for Ducati Worcester to open, hopefully in the next couple of weeks, as it'll need to be with them for a few days. Oil leak needs sorting out as well as the service and any pending updates since I purchased it a year ago.
  8. If you buy the oil they will use, you will get the left over part. And you're choice may be better than the dealerships one. And then they don't add the oil charge to you'

    Motul 300V ftw
  9. If you ran 12 months with no problem or have no specific things you want the dealer to look at, then just do it yourself. £200 ish for a stamp in your book is just too much. And forget the myth that your bike value will depreciate without all those fancy stamps. It is a bike to be used and abused, it will depreciate the value anyway. Sign the book yourself with notes on what you have done for your own records. That's what I do.
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  10. Now start saving for the 18K Desmo Service ! :)
  11. I know where you are coming from @Rover, but have you ever suffered a major issue? And had those £200/250 services tot up & have your dealership stand behind you for a proverbial helping hand from Ducati?

    Building up a relationship with your dealer is fine to me, even if its costing me a few hundred quid extra compared too you per year.
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  12. Self service very much depends on age of bike and your aptitude with fixing stuff, I'd not be keen on tackling new fangled electronic jiggery pokery but a bike out of warranty I'd do myself - like insurance, it depends what you can afford to lose (and lose you may)
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  13. Well, my point is not the cost only, is more about the trust. Had lots of issues with dealers of multiple brands in the past.

    I have a good relationship with my dealer based on courtesy and politeness. Anything else is just money involved.
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  14. Well the bike is now done, oil change and filter, plus multiple checks and adjustments, they fitted my new BMC air filter for me as well, had two software updates done, as well while the bike was in there, had a new indicator fitted on the left rear, it was condensated, as well a new key, all warranty work, the price was £240 which included 2hrs labour, oil, and filter, my bike was in the service department being worked on for just over four hrs, so overall well pleased, spoke with the MD there, they are taking deposits on V4 Multi's.
  15. Peace of mind costs :D I reckon a V4 Multi will cost twice as much to service having twice as many pots ;)
    Glad you're happy with the service and no quibble warranty work I assume :upyeah:
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  16. The warranty work was no quibble, the key had been updated at a previous vist, the issue I had with it was the blade would not hold in the open or closed position, new key housing, now perfect!!
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  17. I was closest........what do I win?
  18. I guess £240, yay, I win! :blush:
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  19. Do it yourself it's cheaper
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  20. I agree, I'm sure Ducati would not have supplied a new radiator for my previous DVT, when it sprang a leak, out of warranty and with 33k on the clock, had I not had my bike serviced regularly at a Ducati dealer, equally I'm sure no Ducati dealer would have pushed for it to be replaced under goodwill either, saved me approx £800 for a new one.