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Two Into One

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Cream_Revenge, Sep 27, 2019.

  1. Do it

  2. Don't do it

  1. Thinking of selling the 996 and 999 (both base) and buying something like a 1198SP............

    I do less then 1000 road miles a year and it won't go on track.

    I kinda feel I've missed the boat on the premium version of each model........
  2. Do you have an emotional attachment to either of the 2 bikes ? If they are both just bikes, then no drama, follow your heart and find something that tickles your fancy. Andy
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  3. I have an 1198S Corse, I'm toying with the idea of selling, as doesn't get used.
    If any interest I can PM more details.
  4. Hard to cast a vote as, think we need photos of both bikes and one of an 1198sp i remember your 996 :cool:
  5. Don’t know what I expected to find when I read the title lol
    But do it!!!! You can only ride one bike at a Time
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  6. 999 is very very clean.

    996 needs £450 at sprayers to respray single seat and nose to be very very clean.

    999 garage.jpg

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  7. I assume you don't want to PX for 2 then if you already have one you don't use!
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  9. Are you open to Wotsits offers :D
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  10. Correct, as I have another 3 , and don't really want a divorce....lol
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  11. Obviously! Who does not love a cheese based puff snack!
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  12. not recent, but easy to do.

    It's clean.
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  13. The question is can one bike be a match for two bikes during the summer riding months:thinkingface:
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  14. Loverly and a dry clutch ? wish my 848so_O had a dry clutch.

    Creamy get one :cool:
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  15. name your quantity, leaving now :upyeah:

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  16. ok, looks like I need..

    I need more stock..


    P.S. - who heard of BRALEY.. cheesy BRAYLEY puffs? - hardly rolls off the tongue mate :rolleyes:
  17. Do it, you can only ride one. PS is that some old Taplow drawers in your garage?
  18. No idea, my mate was asking for a hand taking them to the tip so they got diverted.
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