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Featured 748 Unearthed My 748 From The Garage

Discussion in '748 / 916 / 996 / 998' started by Jay Blake, Apr 14, 2024.

  1. Hi everybody, I have started to gather some parts for my 748 reinstatement, new battery and some Metzelers have arrived,
    Hopefully come next month we can get back on the road.
    I bought it in 2002 for £7250 and its been stashed for years as I bought a Hypermotard but kept it .
    Its time has arrived.

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  2. Don't forget belts if it's been sitting a while.
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  3. Love me some zombie bike revival.

    Current list of parts?
  4. Don't forget the tank seals, fuel filter, fuel hoses. There's a chance they've perished over the years.
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  5. Hi, I bought a 748 November last year and a helpful mechanic told me that brake pads can become detached from the backing plate if left for long periods! . It was enough for me to order new ones as mine had been sitting since 2008. Maybe worth some considering enjoy your bike!
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  6. OK thanks, how has is been since reinstatement
  7. I passed in November and was my first bike. Had a lot of parts replaced before using. Belts, water and fuel pipes, seals, full service and fluids. Hadn’t given the pads a thought until this chap mentioned them and I swapped them out for some Brembo sintered pads. Very good. I fitted some Michelin road 5 too. I love riding this bike. The noise and looks are just fantastic. Uncomfortable but I don’t care! I briefly bought a fireblade 954 and didn’t like it and sold it on with in 2 weeks. Ducati is the one for me. I’m thinking of a streetfighter to go along with it. Good luck with the duc
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  8. That's great to hear, thank you there are cracking bikes I have a Hypermotard it's great to have another style of steed .
    Wouldn't mind a Sf myself
  9. I bet the hypermotard is comfortable bike. Another piece of advice I was given was change the oil after couple hundred miles if bike been sitting for a while. Checking both the filters for metal flakes. Just food for thought. Might be pointless advice or helpful!
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