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Featured V2 V2 Bayliss Has Landed!

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Mr G, Dec 28, 2021.

  1. Finally got my Bayliss just before Christmas. Has anyone else had there's yet?

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  2. Bayliss, beer fridge and comfy sofa! Job jobbed! :cool:
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  3. Mine’s at the dealership and I’ll get it when they are back after the holidays.

    What number do you have?

    0D9FF4AF-018C-4ECE-B136-8EA029E9B042.jpeg 367638C2-DBFC-41C4-8FCF-938DFF9154F0.jpeg CE53A46D-CD01-4060-B83F-4CB56E514647.jpeg EA7DC482-9DF9-42C5-975C-483FF1B831EF.jpeg A2D96D19-8E3F-40EB-969A-E58FFEA141E8.jpeg
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  4. Awesome fella Bet you can't wait! Which dealer is that? Mine is 566 from memory. Apparently the first 500 went to America etc
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  5. Hey you two boys, go to the little boys room and wave your penis's about there and not in public.;)
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  6. Number 132 Here

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  7. Love the bike, and the man cave to put it in :)
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  8. I'm so jealous of this.
    Not only the bike but where you can keep it stored.
    Mine are in a cold damp garage with no power.Been in there today to check everythings ok and it's a very inhospitable place to be.
    Could be worse.
    Be thankful for what I have.Under a cover would be worse.
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  9. How many numbered models are they doing as i thought there would only be 500 lol
  10. As many as they can sell I suspect. I don't think its being promoted as limited
    #12 duke63, Dec 31, 2021
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  11. I’d heard on various website that there’d be a maximum of 1500 worldwide. Or 999. But the official line is they’re just numbered and not limited.*

    The first 500 went to America. Allegedly.

    And Australia is only getting 80. Allegedly.

    No word on numbers for the UK or other countries in Europe.

    *Unless someone knows better.
  12. When you know from your previous sales and accurate sales forecasting that you really only have a market for ‘1500’ bikes world wide, because you’ve only sold that number of say V2’s over the last couple of years, it’s a REALLY good trick to say ‘we will only be making 1500’ as it drives demand….

    for anyone doubting that, watch the scene in wolf of Wall Street where he sells the pen….
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  13. How about solar panels etc ?
  14. Making the call this week….hope there’s some left!
  15. If I need power I use an extension lead from the house.
    Not as high tech. as solar panels but a damn sight cheaper.
    More money then to waste on the bike.
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  16. Think I’m going to get mine ceramic coated :)
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  17. Speaking of paint protection, are these clear coated unlike the 959?
  18. The paint finish is certainly deeper and the decals are lacquered over, if that’s what you mean.
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