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Featured V4 V4 Base Model Mods

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by DRR117, Mar 30, 2021.

  1. So, I finally managed to buy the bike I’ve wanted since they were released. Very privileged to be able to get one and cannot wait to set her lose on track.

    So I got her like this....

    Hard to find a base model as many seem to buy the ‘S’ model but as I had wanted to upgrade the forks and shock anyway I decided the base model was the way forward.

    so after a couple of months she now looks like this.....

    The mods aren’t really in the same league as some of the bikes on here but she’ll be good enough for me
    • Stock exhaust back on so I don’t fail the noise testing
    • Complete 2021 V4 fairings with wings
    • Oz Gass-RS wheels
    • Ohlins front forks with Mupo CSP30 internals
    • Mupo Evo Factory rear shock
    • Mupo steering damper
    • Lithium battery
    • Ducati DDA+ with GPS (thanks @nelly)
    • Ducati Performance race seat
    • Rizoma mirror blanks
    • Evotech folding levers
    • BSD ‘Nintendo’ switch L/R
    • Spider alternator cover
    • Spider fuel cap
    • Spider front spindle sliders
    • Spider rearsets
    • GB racing clutch cover
    • Stomp grips
    • A sprinkling of Matt carbon
    • A dash of titanium bolts
    • And an EVO2 software upgrade (thanks again @nelly)
    • Oh and the all important brake lever guard
    Now to patiently wait until Donington on the 14th April to unleash her.

    Stay safe this season guys and girls, fingers crossed for a Ducati day or 2 :upyeah:
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  2. Awesome :upyeah: Andy
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  3. Good upgradea :upyeah:. Keep toying with the idea of a set of wheels
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  4. Cheers Jamie, looking forward to seeing that nice V2 of yours on track when she’s all wrapped.

    was lucky to get the wheels off a fellow forum member :grinning:
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  5. Excellent. In hindsight I should have gone for the base. Base plus your own custom suspension set up is the way to go I think.

    I’ve gone ott with bling. Spent that much I daren’t rag the friggin thing now. Maybe :imp:
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  6. Nelly mentioned your magnificent bike a couple of times during the software update. Sounds incredible! Would love the termignoni system on mine but my mates keep wanting to go to super strict noise tracks like Bedford and snetterton :sob:

    He also said the software shaved some time off your donny lap time :):)
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  7. Honestly mate, I swear that software mod sharpened it up. And when I went to Valencia there was a perfect long left hander you could lean on the electronics. It was ace!
    I wouldn’t have ever tried the same thing on my old 1098R. I’d have high sided to the moon!!
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  8. I can’t wait to try it! I’m sure it’ll take some getting used to but we (hopefully) will be at mugello in September so as long as I’m a little more comfortable on the bike by then I’ll be happy.
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  9. Lucky about the wheels i want a set myself !

    Nice ride !
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  10. AMAZING!
    I’ve pretty much done the same.
    So you bought V4’S forks and put the mupo internals in?
    Did the 2021 kit go straight on with out modifications?
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  11. the forks were on my 1299. They were originally 1299S forks with electronic internals. The Mupo CSP30 kit was installed by Simon at Sitramoto. Again a straight swap. And the forks fit straight into the V4 yokes fortunately. (Unlike the 1299 which has a smaller top yoke on the S as oppose to the base)

    the 2021 kit fits perfectly. No mods required. The only part you might need is a £40 pair of brackets which fit under the frame braces. Not essential but stops the panel moving.
  12. B6D50D83-0D2E-4CA9-A447-516695230638.jpeg

    And the suspension is phenomenal! Bike handles like it’s on rails :):)
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  13. Epic picture dude.... nice to see it being used for its intended purpose :upyeah: definitely the best option to go for! Nice build
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  14. Bye bye UK Trackdays :joy:

    Best get the system mounted before the donny Ducati day next week :)

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  15. Good lad!!
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  16. 20BBA621-8F80-479E-B466-681C8CFDFDC2.jpeg
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  17. Yep.... :laughing:
  18. There was someone blasting round Snetterton with this system on Monday with no issues (it looked and sounded awesome!) so you might be okay.
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  19. Yeah that was Steve, not sure he’s on here but spoke to him on Monday. Failed the static at 104db with the baffles in. They let him out and he managed to get through the morning but got black flagged just after lunch apparently 95-96db driveby. Got back out and just short shifted and eased off under the bridge.

    At oulton yesterday I was told my stock system was 108db and I apparently I need to buy some baffles :joy::joy: they let me out and I had no issues. Although when I removed my stock exhaust it appears to have 2 cracks in it


    It’s a good job I bought the Termi :joy::joy:

    Now I need to get it on the bike for Donny next week
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