1000 V4 Multistrada

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  1. I thought that. Then I rode a v4. Bring it on :-D
  2. Noobie, That might not be anything to do with the engine as such though. Its not exactly an exciting bike to ride, despite being very capable (a bit like the VFR12 too).

    CanadaRider, apparently the V4 sounds like a V2 at low revs due to its firing order, and pulls like a twin too, but just revs higher.
    2 dealers now have told me in their view the MTS may well get the engine in 2020, as Ducati see the engine as a 'range engine', saying it cost a lot to develop so will have to pay for itself by being in more models (maybe this is what they have been told, who knows).

    Hopefully by the time it makes it into the multi any engine issues will have been ironed out.
    If it rides as well as the current bike, keeps all the practicalities and functionality, is comfy for the wife, doesn't have a drinking problem, isn't a daft amount of money, and looks good, then I'm in :cool:
  3. First owners do the R&D
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  4. You've clearly not heard a V4 panigale then. It's all testastreta in the sound and clattery engine department.
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  5. At main dealers yesterday & they still maintain no V4 multi. I do not believe they would not put a awesome v4 in the multi.
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  6. Best sounding bike in years: R1. If they can do that with an in-line 4, imagine how great a full V4 in a multi will sound.
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  7. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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    exi shhh you can't have it, your wimmin is home
  8. 2020 I reckon. Timing will be perfect for me.
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  9. Is it too early to put a deposit on a 2020 v4 ? :laughing:

    I wonder what they consider the top of the range model for the multi, the s or the PP ?
  10. It’s never too early for Ducati to take money from you.
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  11. Anyone seen the MCN article with the interview with Claudio Domenicali (page 6) indicating that the Multi will be the next big implementation of the V4 engine?
  12. No, but I've seen post #28 on this thread.
  13. Doh!
  14. Just gimmee that moto & i,ll fit it myself. OOh
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