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V4 V4r Superleggera

Discussion in 'Panigale 899 / 959 / 1199 / 1299 / V2 / V4' started by Chillo, Nov 20, 2019.

  1. But downforce increases drag...which reduces top speed.

    The Le Mans cars would go faster with less downforce, but wouldn't make the kink...or do a Mark Webber.

    So the amount of downforce you need is dependent on the track...shorter straights and tighter bends = more downforce, long straights and more open bends = less downforce.

    Are these wings fixed?
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  2. I'm guessing thats why the MGP bikes, especially Ducati, seem to have different wing combinations at each round.
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  3. The bugatti can only reach its top speed with the wing down I believe, not that it really matters in guess.

    I can neither afford a bugatti or SL v4, damn me :(
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  4. Can’t even afford a regular v4!
  5. Yeah..which makes them shit as well :)
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  7. So, I learnt today that there are only 30 places for the WSBK and MotoGP riding experience (not sure if that’s total places or for each experience) and that there are two medicals, one for WSBK and one for MotoGP which is more stringent than the WSBK one. Andy
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  8. This 'medical' sounds like a cop out to me. Any guidelines? Not that I'll be going, just curious.
  9. No, not really. In all the small print about the charity auction MotoGP pillion rides, there are restrictions on height, weight, age and specifically high blood pressure though. Andy
  10. Needs more wings!
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  11. Bit unfair on all the stressed fat old dwarves out there really!
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  12. That’s me buggered then !
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  13. The height restriction on the pillion ride is for being too tall not too short.
  14. So what happens if you don’t get on of the 30 places? Discount?
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  15. I think the WSBK/MotoGP track experience adds £25000 to the retail price which if the £110,000 price tag being bandied about is correct, I’d expect just the bike to cost about £90,000. Andy
  16. I was told 2 options:
    v4SL with Wsbk experience £90k
    v4SL with moto gp experience £110k
  17. So £5K missing then...……. :eyes:
  18. Although I was enthusiastic when the SL was first mooted, in the cold, hard, light of day I caught a bad case of common sense and have limited my interest to the anoraky technical aspects of the build so don’t know the prices. Andy
  19. I got the same too when I was told the pricing! :)
  20. I'm actually glad I have an older V4S without the 'R' type wings and have no interest in a newer model with them........ but those things are just stupid
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