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  1. Guffaw, practice what you preach then you long time member you,by not being so pedantic as to pick people up on their grammatical mistakes in the first place.
  2. She do?

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  3. In my eyes it's R model of any Ducati that is the one the have (although I don't actually own any R's) as with all the upgraded lightweight engine components they are as close to the racing bike your going to get, even if you don't need it! All the specials, and limited editions are is basically S models with a fancy paint job and a premium price tag. History shows the R models will always be the most desirable as time goes on.
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  4. I like the overall look of the R, especially the tank. I'm not a fan of the side vents (BMW) and I think the wings really look out of place if riding on the street. That being said the thing should rip at the track, I looks like it could be less fun on the street with less mid range and no electronic suspension. Cant wait to see and hopefully hear one in the flesh. Well done Ducati, but I'll keep my SP. Looking forward to the SL.
  5. Superleggera
  6. Sorry i knew that my bad
    Is he waiting for one?
    Or was he waiting for V4 SL
    Sorry my bad lol
  7. An R is an R and it'll be an animal, regardless of price or function. It's been built to race and hopefully win. Never really liked the look of the V4/S as it had too much red plastic. Although the V4S Corse does break all that red plastic up a little and Ducati used a similar paint scheme at WDW 18 in the race of champions earlier this year. The Speciale (SP) whilst a nice option is better viewed in the sunshine as to me it looks a little dull in many photo's or in a dimly light room. Sometimes hard to appreciate it as a £35K+ Mag wheels bike, especially when a 1098S Tricolore was £16500 back in 2007 and the 1199s Tricolore @£24K in 2012. So I could never make up my mind if I wanted the SP or not, despite delaying my order. A friend mentioned 1 evening why would you want any other bike when an R is due/ available. So it stuck with me when I was trying to make up my mind. TBH I still haven't, but maybe when I see the V4R in the flesh, it'll give me the same goose bump feeling that the SL1 quietly did.

    Currently the contenders if I mothball the SL1 for a while would be either a V4R or buy a good 1199R to track. Theres not much point otherwise as I Have a Monster 1200R for fun road use and with 165HP it's plenty nowadays. Also when it's being delivered will be a key to answering my questions above.

    in the end of the day, you pays your money and you makes a choice.
  8. SL2. I'd have one of those. Just thought I'd say ;)
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  9. Hmm dunno.....think the police might be a singular noun, not plural. So "where is the police"?
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  10. I don't know.I can't punctuate properly myself due to mitching/skiving/ playing truant for a few crucial weeks c.197? when punctuation was being taught and subsequently never got to grips with it. As you say, it doesn't sound right though.
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  11. Will there be a Superleggera V4 on the horizon?
  12. knowing Ducati 100% YES and it will be about 12months later.
    They are terrible lol.
    And smart.lol
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  13. In the words of Ogri, "tut....needs another 50 horse!"
  14. My dealer says the V4 SL is 100% next year...
  15. Foggy petronas bikes were dogshit, but people are prepared to murder for one now, it's just the circles bikes go in, all the bikes that were shit 20 years ago are now the must have, its bizarre
  16. Saw the V4S Corse in the flesh on Saturday. A little underwhelmed to be honest. Liked the new HyperSP though. :p

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  17. The new Hyper is my favorite out of the new bikes, very nice looking machine. 13k seems like a bargain from a smiles per mile perspective compared to the others.
  18. 14:00 in :) :upyeah:

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  19. Does anyone know if the current V4 aftermarket full systems, ie Akrapovic and Termignoni, will fit the new V4R? I somehow doubt it but I'm interested to know, should I find myself in a position to order a V4R.