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  1. Off topic, but...when I bought my bmw,I took ‘return to invoice value’ gap insurance. £399 iirc and last for 4 years, same period as pcp.

    With my next new bike, I will probably do the same, as after year one (insurer will replace bike for new) its a fight to get what would be needed to replace it.

    Funny thing is, by £53k car will cost the same as my £18k bike...!
  2. Ducati won't insure me, cheapest quote was £1300 pounds and only 3000 miles a year.
  3. The problem with an expensive italian motorcycle is that when it goes down the road humptie dumpty fashion it's completely & utterly f##ked,so there for a high risk insurance proposition:(
  4. FWIW my multi was new at 17k and cost £300. The s1000r was new at 12500 and cost £500!!
  5. It's a puzzle to me always:confused:
  6. £20k value is a significant barrier when it comes to insurance cover. Above that and anything can get very expensive.
  7. The following extract explains it:
    Helped by its extra capacity, the V4 also makes a class-leading 87.4ftlb of torque. On the dyno this equates to a willingness to pull smoothly from as low as 4000rpm in the rev range, a point where the V-twin 1299 S judders. So despite giving away nearly 12ftlb of torque, and 182cc in capacity to the 1299, the V4 is smoother and faster to pick up revs.
  8. 1250 GS makes 106lb ft. Just saying :p LOL
  9. Ah, now that’s a different story altogether :) we were talking about torque :blush:
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  10. What’s wrong with the side stand?
    I say that now but had the very same feelings about it when I first got mine, there is a knack to them but once ye get it they are a doddle
  11. Its great how a post goes so far off topic then back again
    No worries... if it was torque / extra bhp it just is a great bit of kit...
    I just pity the poor sod that buys it as an ex demo cos the tech guy told me to get it over 11k revs for the fun stuff, which i only did twice .. did about 100miles on it but the engine man' light came on soon as i left riders then coming back through bath to drop it off the front brakes were grinding and oil light came on and became very lumpy below 5k revs. I stop in maccy d's for a cuppa and checked oil ( which was ok ) Told the tech when i returned and he said dont worry it just needs it 1st service lol