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  1. I'm getting rid of my M2 soon hopefully and thinking about buying a van to get me around to and from tracks, and generally be a bit useful.
    Anyone got experience of Merc Vito's?

    Something along the lines of:

    Anyone got one? Would it be possible to get 2 bikes in with some room for kit, paddock stands etc?
    Or any other recommended vans? I'm going to use it as my only vehicle so wanting a decent spec one, not some rusty old transit for £500.
  2. Quit with the badge engineering and get one of these - had mine 2.5 years from new, £13,500 without the vat (pre reg zero miles) I use it as my car - 50mpg+ average over 35,000 miles.

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  3. What is it, slightly more info may help....
    It would be nice to have some creature comforts if I go down the van route...
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  5. Mercs rust like bugger, I've just bought a toyota hi ace . Great van.
  6. Nissan NV200 with three different engine sizes and room for one bike only!
  7. Vauxhall Vivaro Bi Turbo (not gay Bi) It's well nice inside :blush: Sport model...
  8. Cool, can you get 2 bikes and gear inside relatively easily?
    Any better pic inside, cab and rear?!
  9. I moved from mainly VW T5 to transits for my business and have saved a small fortune since the change. I run a double cab LWB custom now with tiptronic auto box and 140 bhp engine and all the accessories you would need and I love it.
    Quite a bit dearer than the Vauxhall equivalent but you pay your money and make your choice.
    Only fits one bike in the double cab but my previous LWB custom van fitted 2 bikes and all the kit.
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  10. I’ve got a 2014 new shape LWB trafic (same van as the Vauxhall in exiges post and same as the Nissan)

    Great van does 50 to the gallon and drives great.

    Had a mk1 vivaro and mk2 primastar both had 130+k miles and never let me down

    The LWB makes a big difference compared to my last 2 SWB. Can probably fit 2 road bikes in the LWB but it would be a squeeze and you would feel the weight I think. You can fit 2 offroad bikes in easy in either swb or LWB
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  11. You sure you can get a bike in one of those? I measured one up when van hunting and it was about 100mm short...
    Pretty sure it was the longest in the range but may be wrong on that...
    I went with a Peugeot expert as it seemed to be the smallest van that a bike would go straight in ( small being important for working/parking in london) and I think it a great lil thing... very basic though ..
  12. 287BC940-7453-4CDB-9180-F4E503EB1ADE.jpeg F8178522-BD69-43E5-B1E5-E78A03EC92E5.jpeg 66A9FEB0-3C78-469C-B3F4-E8865C228283.jpeg
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  13. SWB vivaro/trafic takes up no more room than a car. They go through a car wash anyway and fit in a supermarket parking space no problem

    My LWB doesn’t fit in a parking space withough sticking out
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  14. Very easy - it's the biggest load space in it's class :):upyeah:fitted black windows all round and took the bulk head out on mine...
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  15. I use a 2004 Vito/ Viano 3.2 petrol LwB
    Fuel economy isn’t the best ;) but ticks all my boxes

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  16. I like em and they were on the radar but for year/mileage I think (hope!) I got better value for money with the Peugeot.. that and I hear of gear box issues with the years that were in my price range... that said, it's a gamble what ever ya go for ..
  17. Collected the 996/PS1000/XR250,but i do agree a little bit tight for the length,but it did workout in the end for me:upyeah:
  18. For me I’d be looking at Fords offerings or Vw Transporter if the budget will allow.

    The mercs don’t drive very well and aren’t renowned for their build.

    The Renault & Nissan etc are the same and the engines aren’t hugely strong neither are the clutches.

    Just my findings is all
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  19. sorry, i thought you said cheap lookalike tat...
  20. Ive got a T6 SWB highline dsg badge...nothing to do with the build quality and residual values..