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  1. Not sure, takes about £105 to brim at todays prices from empty on the gauge, I have averaged 50+ mpg in 35.000 miles :)
  2. about 40mpg chiz. all city i guess.
  3. Still a big difference ... Ok, now I'm pissed off...
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  4. None of those are vans. This is a van. Here's mine at 2000m.
    IMG_1175.JPG IMG_1174.JPG
    I might be sick of the running costs, but that's a red ski run as some of you will know. Don't try this at home folks!
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  5. That sucks... it sucks.... Still a cool van though and the stereo rocks ....
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  6. Got a trafic bi turbo. Never ever got near 50mpg but nice enough to drive.

    It was the colour that made me buy one.

  7. I considered that colour but was too scared in the end - I've had over 55mpg on a long run, cab is a much nicer place to be than the T5/T6 too :):upyeah:
  8. fiat dober mk1 4ftx4ft at the door. with the passanger seat out you got just over 7ft in lenght
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  9. I’ve recently purchased a race van for the 2019 season, a Mercedes 313 lwb sprinter that’s been converted with beds, seating area, garage area etc and amazingly you can barely fit the bike in the back at an!!!! Absolutely fook me dead.

    Will need to doctor it as I want to be able to fit my race bike and track bike in for when I’m doing a normal track day, one fitted with wets and the other dry wheels. For race weekends it’ll be taking just the one bike.
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  10. Sounds like a cool bus... got any pics?
  11. It’s a 2001 sprinter so quite old, what attracted me to it was the awning that came with it. Leisure battery, split charge, 240v pick up, inverter etc etc.



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  12. I wonder if a London black cab could be converted to carry a track bike..... asking for a friend :p
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  13. I dont know anyone with a Vivaro who has not had problems ... the new ones have crap oil pumps !
  14. Which engine on the new ones, the first models had carry over engines from the previous models I think :thinkingface:? There are a few posts on here with 'owners' with no problems so far :worried:
  15. Not heard about faulty pumps?
    I know of faulty clutch m/cyl - changed under warranty. No other issues at all
  16. Never heard that one before.

    All I know is I’ve had 3 now (a 1.9cdti, 2.0cdti and the new shape 1.6) and I’ve never had an issue with either van.

    They’re reliable, the best van to drive IMO and have the best load space in class. Theyre really good value built better than the transit and they don’t rust.
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  17. But some can afford an extra £10k for a VW badge and buy a bit of coolness too :cool: they think :thinkingface: mmmm, that's not cool :joy:
  18. Steady run home today in my Vivaro - re set the trip - 34 mile journey in eco mode:
    Total average for 35,000 miles is over 50mpg but you can do better with light throttle... :)

  19. I can afford one don’t worry.

    I chose to buy another bike than pay an extra 10k for an older higher mileage less practical van.

    When I’m driving round in my van I don’t really feel the need for other people to think I’m cool.
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  20. IMG_0231.JPG
    Yeah VW's are cool. 3k a month in parts but the fuel consumption is amazing as it no longer moves and long term parking at the dealer's FOC!