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  1. there you go again with that inferiority complex:punch::oops:
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  3. Just for balance, i have been running transporters for the last ten years, t5 2.5 kombi 2006, t5 gp 2.0 2010, t5 gp 2.0 2014, t6 2016 2.0, racked up well over 100k total and the only issue with any of them was a erg valve on the 2010 model, jealous of the vivaro fuel consumption as i only ever manage mid 30's on all the vw's. I did run a Vivaro 2005 model for a few years with zero problems and sold it to my mate who still has it with 200k plus on the clock and has cost him very little over the years. @flatstick959 to say the Vivaro build quality is better than the Tranny is well !!!!!!! bollocks ;)
  4. Your one of those so called cool kids aren't you :cool:
  5. Transit build quality is waaaaay down - many issues, Ford have had a nightmare in Turkey :) built by raggamuffin's (can I say that these days, what is a ragamuffin anyhoo?) :thinkingface:
  6. A Turkish van builder apparently
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  7. That's who built them in Scummer-Land
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  8. Cool :cool:
  9. To be honest i am totally impartial on what van is best, i just need a van for my business and buy new every 3/5 years, i have stuck with vw for the residuals as they are way way better than any other van out there, example my last t6 cost me 18.5k after 2 years and 8 months it was stolen, insurance paid out book price of £15900, that's approx 1k a year depreciation, pretty dam good in my opinion.This time around i felt i needed a change and it was between the tranny custom and the vivaro and after looking at both decided on the tranny and the only reason's were i just hated the mirrors on the vivaro ( and wtf is that thing on the passenger sun visor, my labourer shat himself when he pulled it down) lack of heated screen and i have never liked the sealed together side panels. I never thought for a second the build quality on the tranny was better or worse than any of the others as it seems well bolted together to me and mine has a 240v socket in the cab :p so it is brill.
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  10. Crikey, how ugly is your labourer?
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  11. Same as a Ducati badge then. :upyeah:
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  12. I’ve got a 13 plate lwb Vivaro and it’s great. Plenty of room and good mpg. You don’t get waved at by every Vivaro owner as well which is a massive bonus ;)
  13. PM you regarding my T5!
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  14. Hardly, not the era I buy anyway, as they appreciate in value, as Joe's era of Ducati's do too so not sure why he has agreed with you :eyes:
    I couldn't afford to buy new Ducati's that depreciate so I buy older ones that don't - as different 'financially speaking' as chalk and cheese tbh :thinkingface:
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  15. I just meant because they are cool (This is what happens when I get left on my own on a Friday night.). As you know I can't afford depreciating assets either!
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  16. Apreciate or depreciate aside, you chose to buy a brand. Ducati as a brand is seen as a premium brand.. And because of that you paid a premium.. That's all

    I have customers who spend more on a VW camper conversion than the cost of a new Vivaro. Its freaking bonkers but it keeps me in Armani Jeans and Ray Bans :joy:
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  17. VAT free
  18. Stolen.
  19. Armani jeans, hmmm? It's often said that bad taste can be excused but no taste at all is unforgiveable!
  20. Tesco jeans here :worried: