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  1. Double demin...Stonewashed of course
  2. Cords
  3. Only Patrick Swayze could pull off that look and even then it was partially attributed as the cause of his death!
  4. No. but I did have some purple ones when I was 10 :heart_eyes:
  5. What a disappointment when you get out of your cool van
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  6. Get back to sleep :eek:
    (I don’t leave the label on :bucktooth:)
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  7. Here’s my daily runabout with the oldies at the back. She surprises a lot of car drivers at 204hp with DSG but crap on fuel, lucky if I get 28 mpg. Trio.jpg
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  8. you are such a labelist....its just badge badge badge..
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  9. A short wheel base would have fit on your drive :thinkingface: and looked cooler like a cool kid :cool:
  10. A couple of vans that have caught my eyes:upyeah: 945cd780ab08b00ded24ba766b43ff60.jpg
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  11. ducati.jpg
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  12. That is a short wheelbase lol its the angle
  13. Wide angle lens :eek:
  14. Says he with Tesco jeans :laughing:
  15. His Tesco reading glasses ;)
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  16. Get a MK6 Ford Tourneo Custom they are brilliant people carrier/vans(with seats removed) :) :)
    Bough mine brand new in December 2016 £31k , broke down twice at 26500 and 26800miles...both the same issue other than this 39mpg and very good drive compared to T6 and V-Class.
    Nearly forgot to mention now again being recovered by AA at 27200 same issue as before...cannot engage gear once engine is running, smooth as silk with engine is off. :astonished:
  17. They are cool :cool:
  18. Don't need glasses - focal length dear girl, it's all very hard :yum
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  19. That's handy then. Real confidence inspiring news!