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  1. Hi guys, I've just recently purchased a set of TPO Beast-R velocity stacks from bellissimoto (identical to the corse dynamics ones). I had been eyeing them up for a while and was prompted to buy them as TPO have just shut doors as of February/March this year, which means that the WASP stacks will be the only ones available once the TPO/corse dynamics sell out from their respective sites.

    Back to the point, I decided to purchase them stand alone (W/O airfilters and brackets) to cut down on postage fees + imports tax and I also prefer foam filters too. Would anyone please be able to tell me the dimensions of the filters included with the kit (or any other velocity stack kit) as I'm going to have a custom pair manufactured by Ramair (unless they have a similar sized one already).

    I need the following dimensions:
    • Filter height, from filter base to top (excluding the flange length)
    • Filter bottom diameter
    • Filter top diameter
    • Flange diameter (worth mentioning the intake diameter of the stacks is around ~94mm, in case anyone else is using other stacks)
    I'm led to believe that the Ducshop set came with a pair of K&N RC-9160 air filters, although I'm not sure of the dimensions of the Ducshop stacks so I'm unsure whether they'd be suitable for me (dimension wise).

  2. I got some air filters that would fit...
  3. Ok cool, which filters are they? Are they used?
  4. Ok I've changed my mind, I'm probably gonna get K&N's now + order some outerwears, I'm just not sure on the size. @comfysofa would you mind measuring the diameter of your stacks for me please? :), iirc you have the Ducshop ones right?
  5. Cycleworks jobbies. While mines in a million pieces I can measure mine if you want (regular big ones )...cue the double entendre squad ( thought I'd give you all something to work with there lads)
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  6. If you could measure the big ones + the stacks that's be great, cheers! :upyeah:
  7. I've figured out from a thread on the forum that the filters for the TPO/corse dynamics stacks are K&N RC-3250's. Ramair sell a filter of similar dimensions (I've actually got one on my car, I should have measured the bloody thing earlier :rolleyes:) however it has a 57mm flange so I've sent them an email to see if I can get a pair manufactured with 80mm flanges. Fingers crossed!
  8. Sorry - i did take some measurements the other day, started, took some photos but then thought "which dimensions does he want..."
  9. No worries mate :upyeah:
  10. So, what do you need.? reason i ask theres quite a few possible ones on the stacks, although i believe the cycleworks airfilters go straight on to the throttle bodies...
  11. Hey Neeps, I have a set of CycleWorks filters sitting on my shelf waiting to be installed. Would you like me to measure them up, or are you settled on those Ramair's?

    On another note... any chance you could get dimensions of the velocity stacks for me before you install?
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  12. Yep - those look like mine....
  13. The CA cycleworks ones aren't any good to me but thank you for the offers guys:upyeah:

    Also the due to the difference in length between the Ducshop and TPO/Corse stacks (Ducshop is longer than the others) it is possible to use a larger filter hence they use a taller K&N RC-3250. I've contacted Ramair and they've said that they should be able to make the airfilter I need, however the guy's just gonna do a final check.
  14. [​IMG]
    Here's the 3D model if you want a better look:

    I can't remember if the filter mounting diameter is 79mm or 80mm, I'll measure it again later on to double check.
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  15. Whoa! Above and beyond mate, thanks a ton!
    How'd you model it, 3d scanner?
    Couple dims missing from the print but I should be able to pull them from the model. We use SWorks/MasterCam at work but I have a full AutoDesk suite at home I can run it on.
  16. I just manually measured it, it isn't 100% accurate however I think it's as close as I can get without a 3D scanner as it was quite difficult measuring the profile of the curve.
  17. I'm sure it's close enough for function... gonna pop some stock on the lathe and turn these out, thanks again.
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  18. No worries mate!

    I had already made the CAD model as I'm going to be purchasing a 3D printer soon and wanted to make print some plastic ones to put in the stock air box with an MWR lid fitted just out of curiosity. Let us know how you get on with your machining, it'll be awesome if they turn out well!
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  19. I'll post up for sure, prolly in the Projects subforum. I'm a machinist and TIG welder for the aerospace industry, I just can't bring myself to spend the coin on parts like these that are so simple yet so expensive. Really won't take more than a couple hours max for the both of em.
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