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Vinyl Wrap Removal

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by bettes, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Hi all. I’d like to remove the yellow numbers on the front number board. Problem is it’s vinyl on top of more vinyl. I’d normally just use a hairdryer but this might not be the best way as it might soften the white number board too much. Anyone any ideas on how to tackle it?

  2. @evoboy

    He does wrapping so might be a helfull chap
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  3. Are you thinking of changing it to a #7?
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  4. No, not sure tbh, I just think the yellow numbers look a bit shit tbh. Might leave it blank...
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  5. Plus one for blank.
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  6. Might be one of those where the best bet is to remove the number board and renew
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  7. You'll be very lucky to get the number off without pulling the number off, only if the adhesive on the number isn'

    I would be pricing up replacing the whole unit rather than waste time attempting to remove just the numbers. You may find the numbers will leave a ghost where they have been, if you're lucky enough to not take the White with it.

    Usually at work that would be a complete strip off of the the complete panel, but that's as we'd be time restricted and would be constrained by best practice.
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  8. Hot water from kettle. Worth ago.
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  9. Take it all off mate and paint it yellow.
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  10. Wire wheel on your drill. ( be very gentle) ;););):eek::eek::eek:

    Joking of course. :joy::joy::joy:
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  11. Heat it up with a warm cloth perhaps or be very gentle with a hair dryer held at a distance? If you can get an edge pull back across the surface do not pull away from the panel.
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  12. Thanks lads. Came off with hot water on a rag. Slackened the wind shield screws off a tad to get it all off from underneath them and came out a dream. Quick polish got rid of the odd bit of glue. Think it looks miles better without.
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  13. Much better :cool:
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  14. Now that 19 has gone all Honda, are you considering a 7 or a 45.

    You could always go for a ‘1’ and go directly to Foggy classic bike investment status!

    Mr bimble
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  15. Think it’s staying plain white for the time being, Mr Bimble. Might put a black number on sometime in the future. Cheers.

  16. Nice result for you, I hate to point it out but it looks like your White number board has 'fingers' on the lower left hand side it's lifted of the panel?
  17. Let me get me specs on! :)
  18. 01EE1A3D-84FC-403F-B250-DFA71533A8AE.jpeg

    If you’re referring to these, they were already there. Might get the hairdryer and knife out and sort it. TBF, you can’t see them much... thanks
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