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W D W - Touring To Italy, The Alps, But Not Slovenia - July 2018

Discussion in 'Touring' started by Pete1950, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. I have been contemplating a three week continental tour for July 2018, and my thoughts are gradually crystallising on these lines:

    • Day 1 - I set off from London on about 10 or 11 July, cross the Channel via the Tunnel and across France as far as Nancy or maybe Epinal (the Vosges)
    • A couple of days playing in the Swiss Alps
    • Staying in Milan for two days sightseeing
    • One night in Modena or Bologna
    • Down to visit friends near Rome by about 17 July
    • Already booked a hotel in Urbino for 19-20-21 July allowing for days at WDW Misano, or sightseeing in Urbino/Pesaro.
    • Heading for Slovenia via Trieste, taking in Ljubljana
    • Crossing the Austrian Alps into southern Germany
    • Black Forest to Strasbourg
    • Arriving home in London approx 28 or 29 July (Day 19 or 20).

    Weather and health permitting, as ever. Plans may need revising once they collide with reality.
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  2. Hi Pete,its sounds like you answered your own question!,,if you have the time/money/health you will need more time for the above as alot to fit in.anyway if you do decide to make the journey have Fun and be safe,,:upyeah:
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  3. My family rent out 3 apartments near to lake bled, amazing place, beautiful...me and better half out there mid April ....highly recommend.
  4. I am hoping to visit Bled briefly in late July. Last time I was in Ljubljana was 1969.
  5. By the bus station in bled is a bar called planitz or something similar it has a pizza restaraunt upstairs very nice pizza and nice bar even has the Guinness...the bar is covered in registration plates from everywhere also a fair few bike pictures a lad who is involved in the place races and has at least 10 amazing bikes located nearby, some cheap hostels up the hill from the bar too....should be hot gets up to 35 degrees regularly in summer.
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  6. sounds great! You taking the 160?
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  7. I have booked a room in the Lancaster Hotel, Milan from 13 to 16 July. Walking distance from the stuff I want to see.
  8. Nice trip. I rode through Slovenia back to the UK at the end of last year as part of a long tour, so here are my two cents along that route:

    1) Spend a day going to this must see place just outside Ljubljana.
    https://www.postojnska-jama.eu/en/come-and-visit-us/predjama-castle/. Caves, a monorail, it's like Game of Thrones meets James Bond. Also, what an Akrapovic factory tour?

    2) The ride up to the Alps is great but it's pretty high, I entered with rain and popped out of one of the long tunnels in snow! July you'll be fine but I would make sure you have a mid layer handy just in case.

    3) Sorry if I have miscalculated, but if you leave Urbino on 21st, you have 7 days to get up to Ljubjlana through Italy, see some bits, then get across home - that's tight if you want to see things and not spend time on highways. I left there on a Tuesday, riding back-to-back and got to Luxembourg on Thursday, seeing nothing along pure highways. Stayed there for 1 day (used to live there and its a great place to visit with loads to see), then got back Saturday afternoon = 5 days with early starts. That means you have 2 days to do a similar journey plus getting there from Italy and also seeing Strasbourg on the way back, so I would add another couple of days to be safe. I also only had one night to see Salzburg but was tired from the riding. Granted I had been on the road for 6 months and this was the final week, so my fatigue was compounded I'll grant you.

    4) I'm not a huge fan of Milan and personally, I'd add the day to Bologna/Modena to see some factory tours and eat better food; Emilia-Romagna is THE region of Italy.
  9. I recommend the Hotel De La Poste in Langres. Its straight out of the 1950's and not modern. Its very French and I love it. Plus the staff are lovely and they have secure parking. Good distance from Calais for 1st stop, then you're on your way thru the Juras down into Gex. Langres is a nice little place. We often stay there on way to Alps and back.
  10. You're right. I have ridden in the Alps many times, in good weather and bad. One has to be ready for anything, even in July.
  11. I have spent time in Bologna/Modena area on previous trips, but I'm thinking of Milano this time for a change. I am hoping there is good food there too.
  12. Ljubljana to Calais is only 850 miles, so no big deal. But I won't book the EuroTunnel return ticket until a day or two before, so I can still take as many extra days as I wish. If I feel a bit tired I might take a "day off" where I sit about in a hotel doing nothing. Or I might press on, and do the resting after I get back home.
  13. Langres and the Jura is an interesting option, so thanks for the suggestion. But I was thinking more on the lines of Epinal and the Vosges - the N66 Bussang road is one of my favourites.
  14. Ah okay thats good as long as you have done. Milan has some good food so just be mindful of where you stay.
  15. Yes I did that and got the flexi one. Practically double fare to rock up and drive away, but priceless if you want to vary the journey.
  16. Urbino is very nice, my daughter did an Erasmus year there in 2010/11.
  17. You definitely need to see Bled, maybe stop in Piran (only a few kms from Trieste), Ljubljana is also beautiful, Bohinj seems to be left out often. Zelenci lake, ... Not sure about what you want to see?
  18. Today my ticket and bands for WDW have arrived in the post. This is pretty efficient, given that WDW is still about 9 weeks away.
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