Wanted - Michelin Pr5 Glasgow Or Central Scotland

Discussion in 'Tyres' started by Dereksmutley, Jan 9, 2019.

  1. Good morning from a beautiful bright but chilly Glasgow.
    I'm over to have the fuel sender unit changed at dealers (DG).
    I had a recent rear tyre puncture which I've repaired however not confident how long it will last. Id really like to add a new rear PR5 and front ASAP.
    These appear to be in short supply.
    Is there anywhere near me?

  2. Not exactly near you but Strathearn Tyres in Crieff are worth a shout.
  3. Thanks Derek, indeed but a lovely run. I'm waiting on Jim replying, he's expecting a delivery!!
  4. An update to my post:- I have purchased PR5's from "The Visor Shop".
    I have to say, they are on the ball, I accidentally put in a 60 series front tyre and they spotted my error and contacted me. All sorted and wouldnt charge me the difference. TOP SHOP.
    Shout out to Strathearn tyres (Crieff) also as Jim did contact me to say tyres from Michelin were now in stock but I'd already purchased.