Wanted Panigale Rear Brake Pipe Abs Model

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by 916ducati0, Aug 4, 2019.

  1. Will look in the garage today, may have an OEM 899 one kicking around that came off a new bike that was raced.
  2. Thanks Paul
  3. Had a scratch around in the garage. Got some OEM pipes but I think they are all for the front end from the ABS pump. If you have a pic of the one you are replacing then I can compare. I can't remember how they all came off if I am honest so the rear one could be there.
  4. Is it one of these

  5. Thanks I'm not sure what the pipes look like. Did you do away with the abs? if so how did you do this
  6. Thanks for the help but I'm not sure what they look like.
  7. Hi Paul, been away racing so not looked at the forum for a few days. Those in the pic look like the ones I have but still not sure which is the rear pipe. Yes, abs has been disconnected on the race bikes. HEL lines from the master cylinders both front and rear. Direct connections. The abs pump has to stay in play to enable the ECU to function so just blank off the outlets where the hoses would normally connect. Final tweak is a bit of electrical tape over the light on the dash to stop it annoying me.
  8. I’m pretty sure one of them is 899 rear as I couldn’t use it when I converted to SSSA, the other I bought by mistake, don’t know which is which
  9. Thanks for that information its really helpful
    I have got a Panigale race bike built form bits runs mint but when you rev it passed 5000 it cuts out the revs just bounce up and down. Any idea
    Thanks Paul
  10. No idea on the revs thing Paul. Best off getting it plugged into a laptop and looked at. Let me know if you need a brake pipe and I will endeavour to work out which one it is. It'll be one of them as I removed them myself and put them in the box but that was back in 2015 so can't remember which is which.