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Warm Greetings Everyone From Scotland

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by hiho, Nov 21, 2020 at 10:24 AM.

  1. Hi just thought I'd join this group if that's ok lol. I do own a '97 monster which I haven't ridden for a while, and that's purely down to my laziness, partly Covid but mainly me. I have owned her for over 12 years now, so when a work colleague revealed he was selling this well, couldn't resist buying. When looking through the bundle of receipts etc., I also found a CD with the name 'Ruby' written in red felt pen, hence my female reference. Sure some may take offence at that these days but none meant. The CD has some fairly ordinary photos of the bike, in fact the bike is very ordinary just how it came out the factory. Had thoughts of selling but you know what, I don't think I can or ever will. She's plenty fast enough for me but, since this model/design first came out its just, to me, looked absolutely incredible,....and of course a whole heap of fun to ride! Could go on but I'd probably start coming across as being boring lol! What if I just said sidecars, think I've only ever seen that combination on ebay once, in yellow I think with this bike, thought it looked cool? .....or, old skool shiny chromey spoked wheels, mmm, not really a fan of alloys tri-spoke or 'owt else, but that's an age thing I guess hah!! Ok there, I've said it, maybe I am in the wrong place, site, but thanks for listening anyway. In the meantime I'll start looking through past forums or threads perhaps and see what I can find.
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  2. a ducati with a side car? oh dear. hello. and goodbye.
    chortle. just messing :upyeah:
  3. lol how do, yeh maybe the reason av only ever seen one lol ....it could catch on
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  4. Wayne Rainey no way!! :eek: and a great big hello to you as well buddy :)
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  5. Thank you very muckle as we say in these parts lol
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  6. All reet me mucker as we say over here.
    Welcome to the forum
  7. Welcome to the forum.
    There's a Monster with sidecar I see every now and again at the Oasis tea stand in Abergavenny. Rider disabled and in a wheelchair that attaches to the sidecar. There's a set of bars with rods connecting the steering. Didn't look too close for gears and rear brake controls.
  8. lol ay indeed, at the risk of offending the north east perhaps, Geordieland has to be
  9. Manchester? sorry man my mistake
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  10. Welcome and enjoy!
  11. Welcome to the forum great first post, take note all newbies just need pictures then we will all be happy oh and don't forget to put your bins in the shot
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  12. Welcome dude, my first bike was a '96 monstrr :upyeah: great fun, keep it
  13. Welcome and warm greetings to you too (even though I’m not from Scotland).
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  14. Monster's are cool,welcome to the forum.:upyeah:
  15. hi Bumpkin probably definitely a silly idea to attach a Ducati to a sidecar,....and probably a lot of work too, not something I could do either. Herefordshire eh, only been through that way twice, but the countryside is quite unique I thought, amazing rolly green topped hills quite idyllic,...or I thought so. What was the colour of the bike + sidecar out of curiosity? Was gonna ask you that yesterday but thought it sounded lame,....still sounds silly today, but I mean,...could it possibly be the same yellow one I saw on ebay :laughing:
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  16. Thanks Gandalf our dogs called Frodo he's just had his first birthday :)
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  17. Okdoky hopefully manage to get some pictures up, what you mean 'bins' how'd you know I wear glasses?
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