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Warmup Rpms

Discussion in 'Diavel & XDiavel' started by DangerMouseUK, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Hi Guys,

    Whilst you're warming up your XDiavels/Diavels or whatever, what kind of RPM do you try to not go above?

    I've sort of set myself around the 4000pm mark until 5-10mins have passed and things have heated up, was wondering what the general consensus is though?

  2. Just start her up and drive instantly until you reach about 15mi. Than it’s all warm and you can push her like a Diavel.
  3. Personally, start mine and initially give it 30 seconds before i pull away then keep the revs as low as possible for about 5 mins then start to bring it up gently about a 1k at a time....
  4. I start the bike and while it is warming up I...
    attach the phone, put on my earbuds/helmet, and gloves...
    Back her out and the gauge shows pretty warm. Warm enough that I dont worry about say the oil moving around but instead dont push it until I feel the tires are warm.
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  5. A few minutes for me,then take it easy warming up everything including the importants bits.....the tyres.
  6. I'm same as Rex, start up and by the time my earbuds, helmet and gloves are sorted the temp gauge is registering, take it easy for a few minutes and get some warmth into tyres.
    I give it plenty of warm up time outside the house as I'm positive the neighbours love the dulcet tones of a V-twin in the morning :p
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  7. What sort of RPMs are you guys doing whilst warming up?
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