1200 DVT Warranty Recall

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  1. Having had it done I wish I said I had the non heated grip model. What do some mechanics think when they're working on our bikes?

    This particular one, last Friday thought it was fine to replace the throttle grip with a new Ducati embossed grip when the grip he took off is a Daytona heated grip, non oem and completely different in style and feel. In the hurry to leave I didn't spot it until half way home. Im now left with 2 different style grips in feel and looks. Plus the heating and feel of the Ducati one is crap compared to the Daytona one.
    I wasn't aware that the Daytona grip was put on by the first owner until speaking to him at the weekend and not knowing any different thought they were genuine. He wired them into the Ducati loom so they work the same as OEM ones and they're really good.
    You would've thought the mechanic might have thought something wasn't quite right, wouldn't you?? Or is it just me? Surely a phone call asking me if I wanted 2 different looking grips would've been better than simply sticking it on....but no. You can probably tell Im not happy, especially as Im leaving for my Spain/France trip this coming Sunday! My OCD is doing my head in every time I look at the bike, let alone riding it!

    Been speaking to the dealers today to sort it out. Ive now got to do another 120 mile round trip tomorrow so they can put my old grip back on.....hopefully. Even that wasn't a straightforward ask. They give me the impression on the phone that Im inconveniencing them. Will be an interesting conversation if they try to charge me.
    Please tell me Im not in the wrong here by being pi**ed off?
  2. I jested with my nearest neighbours, "I've got either good news or bad news, it depends how you take it; I'm back on the road".. :) I'm all for a gathering of bikers & like minded travelers. It's just a shame I've had no shangri-la moment or clarity of mind. I'm still just a simple man with perculiar views upon this wonderful planet & our shared co-existance.

    Finally I wont interupt the needed safety recall & fix for the enduro rear shock mount.
  3. Ahhhhhh ! That explains everything @Philnanks :)
  4. If the dealer is doing a recall job on the grips, for any reason, it must be done with Ducati parts
  5. Hi GunZenBomZ - sorry to hear all about that. I hope that you make a full recovery. All the best. DD
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  6. Thnks for the heads up. Just checked mine and at 5 weeks old it will need changed just hope they can do it before the begining of June cos im supposed to be going away.
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  7. Having a grin on your face from riding the Enduro will definitely help with the recovery. All the best ;)
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  8. I'm sat outside my dealer to avoid doing something I could get arrested for!!

    Brought the multi back today so they can put my old grip back on that they shouldn't have taken off.
    Sat in the cafe when the service manager informs me they've dropped my bike!!!
    Brake levers front & back damaged, some bodywork. Had to walk out so not fully checked it out. They've got a showroom PP bike next to it they're stripping down to replace my parts.
    Sat outside currently debating what the f*** they can do to make this right!!
    Meant to be off to Spain on Sunday.
    I shouldn't have been here in the first place!!

    What should I expect as compo do you reckon??
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  9. What is the issue with the pannier brackets?
  10. As I understand it it's the lugs on the panniers rather than the 'brackets' - they snap relatively easily and so have been redesigned with a metal reinforcement in the lug (front ones I think).
  11. That's interesting. Mine come off easily enough when empty but the front lugs are a total bitch to detach when the case is loaded. I haven't broken anything yet but I feel it's just a matter of time. I hadn't heard about the recall for this but I'm booked in for service next week so I will take the bike in fully loaded.
  12. I'm taking my bike in tomorrow so the dealer can check whether my panniers are affected by the recall - I'm sure one will as the other has already been replaced, at my expense :(
    I only ever attach/detach my panniers when unloaded.
  13. Which dealer?
  14. That's not convenient at all, especially when touring.
  15. That's the only time I use my panniers :)
  16. Are you in jail now mate?
  17. My heated grips have worked fine all winter, and my panniers are piece of piss to get on and off ? My bike is August 2016 so would these fixes already have been done does anyone know ?? If not I'll mention it next time in MotoRapido

    PS, good luck with your bike @Philnanks
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