1198 Was: 1198 R Questions, Now: Sp And Corse Questions Too :)

Discussion in '848 / 1098 / 1198' started by John W, Oct 9, 2018.

  1. you could be right Paul, was a bit tongue in cheek :---)
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  2. Yes but they just lose cutomers and credibility. I enquired about it early in the summer beforeI bought my 1098R. It has no service history and dubious provenance so I hung up!
  3. That was a bit rude Joe. :confused: Manners dear boy. :innocent:
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  4. Life’s too short and I was in a rush to buy something. The sales guy was desperate to shift it like it was going out of fashion!
  5. Going to see it tomorrow, mainly because I've never had a good look over a corse.. can then compare it with the SP at the other place:yum
  6. Yeah, not my cup of tea in the place in Swindon waiting for the bike to appear
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  7. For 3 grand less ;)
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  8. Ok, so the one in Swindon has been tracked.
    I don't think any if the panels are the right ones. It has samco hoses and u think a bigger radiator. Definitely has no v panel.
    The guy said it owes him 11k, so somewhere north of that is where it need a to be.
    Not for me.

    The one in Cheltenham is lovely.

    What are the service intervals on the SP ?
    When are clearances checked ?
  9. YIou have to love a trier. My son stands me about £350k so far, but doubt I’d be able to get much more than a fiver for him : unamused:
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  10. @John W have you seen the 1198 pro twins have for sale??
  11. Cookster, no mate, will have to look when I get back. In the bar now
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  12. Already?! :upyeah:
  13. Yes bradders, it was a brisk ride, so arrived early. No point in wasting time :D
    Wifi is shite, but appears to work in the bogs :laughing:
  14. You staying local? If I’d have known and you’re not in a romantic trip, I’d have popped over
  15. We are in llangollen mate, so a few hours from you i think.
    Would be great to catch up at some point it's been a while (we need a beer smiley) ;)
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  16. Not romantic, it's a wvam trip.