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Discussion in 'Lounge' started by idrinkbeer, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. That's great your grandad could model it for you whilst you took the picture :D
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  2. It’ll never be an investment watch but I liked it all the same

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  3. Indeed! Until sometime in the 90's (I think) the Daytonas actually had Zenith El Primero movements inside them. Rolex took them "in-house" at that point. The Old ones are collectors items.
  4. I have two Daytona’s, but not anywhere near the value of this!

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  5. Younger son bought me this boxed 2001 Monaco around four years ago from a dealer in London - at the time I wanted one, but now I think it looks a bit dated.

    Tag.jpg tag 2.jpg
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  6. Ron,,It's a stand out from the crowd watch.!:upyeah:
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  7. And a classic
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  8. Sorry to say I don’t agree with you there, far from being dated I’d say it’s within the top five most timeless designs (no pun intended).
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  9. my identical 2000 model could be for sale...
  10. get it advertised on the Forum - tons of rich dink'ies on here (double income no kids) :p
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  11. Are one and two in some kind of mating ritual.;)
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  12. 20200123_202648.jpg my latest acquisition
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  13. What a beautiful watch. :)

    It has something of the "A. Lange & Söhne" about it. :heart_eyes:
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  14. I had a pre-ceramic Daytona (steel with white dial) and I found it a bit delicate for when I’m ham fistedly spannering my bikes, so I sold it.

    I ussd to buy and sell watches when the pound was strong against the dollar in the noughties and it meant I could import stuff from the States and still make a 25% profit even after import duty and PayPal fees. I started out with simple easy to shift models like modern steel Rolexes and Omegas but moved into vintage chronographs until I got landed with lemons twice in quick succession and went back to what I was more comfortable with.

    I ended up with a bit of a collection but sold most of them when I had some hard times about 8 years ago.

    Now I just have:

    Rolex Submariner. 2010, I think. Steel. The last facelift model with the engraved rehaut, before they went up in size and had a ceramic bezel.

    Rolex Datejust. 2001. Steel with salmon pink dial, Roman numerals and “engine turned” bezel.

    Girard Perregaux doctor’s watch/regulateur in steel with blue steel hands. Circa 1950. Rare as rocking horse you-know-what as back in those days some watch makers still operated not by mass producing a particular model, but by customers speccing a movement, face style and case to order. Not worth much now as it has a bitsa movement due to unavailability of spares.

    Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moon Watch”, circa 2015. Supposedly a limited edition but they do too many limited editions for it to mean anything. I used to have a “pre-Moon” Moon watch but sold it. I dread to think what it is worth now.

    Omega Speedmaster Automatic “Reduced”. I gave this to my son for his 18th two years ago.

    Le Coultre (ie: pre-merger with Jaeger) “Futurematic”, 1950s crownless watch in gold with twisted teardrop lugs. The pic below is a stock photo from the web as all the watches save for the Sub (which I never take off) are in the safe at work.

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  15. Dated? No way... It’s a 60’s design. It won’t get old.
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  16. Indeed it has , it's made in the shadow of the Lange factory!
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  17. It must be awfully dark. :laughing:
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  18. Just bought this for my son’s 21st. It’ll be hard handing him it on Sunday. I quite like it myself :laughing:
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  19. Bangkok is in switzerland? :D

    jokinnnnn, luv me a lange
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