Featured We All Know Big Brother Is Watching

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by El Toro, Dec 29, 2018.

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  1. Frightening that you really can't pick your nose in peace anymore:(
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  2. Wow, that's very impressive
  3. The bare arse up against that window made me laugh :D
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  4. F6965821-C814-4AD3-9F41-FEDBA1F1E694.jpeg All of a sudden eBay knows what car I drive
  5. AC34443C-D1D7-4B2A-AA0F-3487F72417D6.jpeg Always suspected the Invisible Man was real...
  6. No more excuses for dodgie cctv on crimewatch anymore, and a few people must be cacking themselves about being seen with an inappropriate person, lol
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  7. Pinged this up on the TV with the family round. My wife’s nan and her parents were amazed at the level you could zoom.

    First thing’s first... window snooping :joy:
  8. And stealth boats,(river used as an area to “stitch”) impressive non the less
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  9. This poor chap really should go and get his todger looked at.
    Don’t look right to me

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  10. So is that done with a Drone.
  11. yeah, but, theres a proper glitch at the aquarium !!!
  12. Please explain :thinkingface:
  13. @Exige
    Too small and missing the bit off the end (stops your hand from flying off).
    Colour is a little insipid... needs to eat more carrots.
  14. It’s got a high vis on :)
  16. Bigger than his.
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  17. V. Odd :thinkingface: