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We Got Bored....

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by andyb, Nov 6, 2019.

  1. So We've built another one... A 1198 motor in a 998 frame with a few special bits.
    Well what happened was over the years i have built up quite a few spare bits and pieces. I knew that my fat little buddy FE had also accumulated a load of bits, so we decided to pool the bits and see how far we could get. This is how it ended up.

    1198 motor
    1198 throttle bodies and modified throttle linkage and cables
    modified oil cooler and mount
    modified 998 radiator
    Rs header tank
    modified street fighter swing arm
    renthal QR sprocket carrier
    998 frame
    carbon air tubes
    1198 wheels with 200 rear 120 from slicks
    999R ohlins with RT internals
    brembo radial callipers
    Brembo RT discs
    Ohlins ttx shock
    RS rear link
    1198 modified loom and dash
    radial brembo master cylinders
    Modified 1198 exhaust into 57mm termignonis
    one off carbon airbox in 748R style two piece
    1198Rs battery box
    microtec ECU
    mono alloy rear subframe
    carbon 998R rear seat
    track fairings moulded in 998RS style.
    Dibbles old track tank with all the floating bolts and nuts removed from inside :p


    if theres any interest i have some build photos and stories around a lot of the bits.
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  2. You do both build nice bikes matey
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  3. For a nobba you do know your stuff, looks like a cool bitsa build :upyeah:
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  4. I would love to see the build photos.
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  5. You definitely know your stuff :upyeah:
  6. that looks really good! :upyeah:
  7. view from the nearside

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  8. It looks great. How do you like riding it?
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  9. Stunning.....
  10. haven't got that far yet.....:sob: although i suppose in some regards i have as the forks are from my original bike, as is the ttx...
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  11. Bonus! Something to look forward too...
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  12. The coffee table doubles up as a workbench;),i like where you're coming from.:upyeah:
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  13. So the concept of 1198 in a 748 frame wasn't new to me this is my original/current modded bike in fact the engine that was in it my old modded 999R engine went to Simon and is in his 999 now, i then went to a modded 1198 motor. I have ridden this over numerous track days and foreign track time, in fact we are off to portimao next week for 3 days.
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  14. ive got a bit carried away with this one the most recent addition being a panigale RT front end and then the 10 spoke mag marchesinis.. hence i ended up with the ohlins front end and 30 offset yokes.

    the monster mob has a bespoke loom and Bikesport developments traction control, full carbon fairing and an original 1098 Rs swing arm. I also made the 60mm exhaust in the style of the original 998 etc
  15. So with the 1098/1198 engine into a 998 frame the air box and exhaust are always the struggling point as there is nothing std to fit. Now you can like some just macula a load of glass fibre around it and be done but a bit of a bodge and messy! The airbox in the monster mob started out life as a 996 RS airbox with the extra front nose section, modded now to a bespoke carbon unit that envelopes the throttle bodies.

    I began to make a second one for FE and his hybrid, but we needed a frame to bolt it into to make it as Andy is a few miles away from me and i was building mine up. So we acquired a 998 frame which i then used with a 1098 engine Andy had to make the airbox fit.
    this is his airbox in the same all enclosing style (like the 748R is)

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  16. Amazing - id always thought about putting a 1198 motor into my hyper....i think someone in Sweden somewhere did it...
  17. So we originally decided to use the 1098 motor Andy had with the 998 frame..

    Now the frame had no lock stop on it..and was in a nasty orange powder coat. Andy made a new one and that was welded to the frame, The frame checked for true before it being painted in ducati red. Over my years of modding ducatis i have always found the colour match of paint is far better than powder, unless you get a special batch of colour match done at an expense.

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  18. Andy had a mono alloy subrame......i think from one of his offs....that was more bitter and twisted than E....
    so the brackets had to be cut open it twisted and straightened bolted to a jig before being welded back up again.

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