1198 Weird Steering

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  1. I decided one day i will start a thread that isn't a problem or asking for help. Today's not that day.

    My 1198 has developed a strange sensation with the steering where at low speeds it almost feels like there is resistance to turning the wheel for a very slow sharp turn. This is while moving as while stationary moving the steering left to right and it feels absolutely fine and free.

    While moving it almost feels like the bike only wants to go straight and takes an extra slight push to get it to turn (not leaning).

    I had good look all around the front forks etc and couldn't see anything, could it just be a tyre thing where it has squared off with all my city riding?
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  2. Pavey have you hit anything like a kerb or a pothole recently? Headstock bearings can get pitted with a heavy hit from either, easy to diagnose if you have a centre stand, otherwise a pain to lift the front wheel to feel if there is a spot when the headstock settles. Such damage usually feels worst at very slow speed manouvering in a tight space or when slow speed filtering trying to drive at walking pace in a straight line
  3. I agree, get the bike lifted so freeing the front wheel. Then try to pull the front wheel forwards away from the bike & if there is play in any angle. It'll need replacing bud'
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  4. Been playing with the steering damper? I cranked mine up and then nearly dropped it in a car park last week.
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  5. I had that sensation on a ZZR1100 a few years ago. It will be the bearings in the steering head unless of course you have messed with the cable routing
    The steering does spend a lot of time in the straight ahead position and wear eventually in one position
  6. Steering head bearings notched or too tight. Also check the front tyre pressure. Too low a pressure gives a similar feel.
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  7. As Derek says. Check tyre pressure.
  8. Thanks gents. The tyre pressure was the first thing i tried, admittedly with a small bicycle pump that i don't quite trust. Haven't hit anything recently, certainly not anything that i noticed.

    I'll try again with the proper foot pump and then try and get the wheel off the ground. Should it be the bearings is it an easy job to get to them?
  9. I would try a different front tyre
  10. What do I need to try and fix this myself, I presume the first stop is an Abba stand in order to get the bike up and the wheel off?
  11. Did you or have you checked the back end ?

    When the front feels funny it is often a problem at the back
  12. Only other than a visual inspection to be honest, it definitely feels like the front though.
  13. Not that Derek needs my back-up but with the symptoms you describe, I would suspect front tyre squaring/pressure 99 times out of 100. The other one time, it might be the rear tyre : o )
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  14. I think (with my limited knowledge) and hope that its is that, as it feels fine most of the time, just every now and again i feel it. I have Maxxis Super Diamonds on there and they last so long it could be that the tyre has squared in the garage/is an old one (i forget when i put them on).
  15. Just as another thought

    Is it when you first get on in a morning that this feeling happens ?

    It could just be the steering damper not warmed up and giving greater resistance
  16. Hmm, got me thinking now, i think it is. I'll monitor it today.

    Thanks @Redrick :upyeah:
  17. I only mention it as last year whilst on a tour of Scotland on my XR ( it was cold un surprisingly) every morning for the first 10 minutes the bike felt like it had a flat ish front tyre. I concluded that it was a combination of cold rubber and steering damper.

    felt fine after a few miles and turns and i just sort of got used to it
  18. In order of likelihood : tyres (maxis are terrible anyhow) , steering dampener, head bearings :)
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  19. Maxxis are the only tyres i have any confidence in in the wet.
  20. Time to try something else, there are a few that are much better in the wet (and dry)