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Featured Welcome My 1993 750ss Halifax, Uk

Discussion in 'Newbies Hangout' started by gurth, Oct 11, 2021.

  1. Hello from Halifax, UK.

    I have recently purchased a 1993 Ducati 750SS. Had been stored for the last year by the previous owner but I have got her MOT'd and serviced.
    Working on a few niggles but overall happy with my choice.

    Are those the right fairing decals for a 1993 model?
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  2. Welcome from Holmfirth :)
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  3. I think you'll find that they are from a later model - maybe the version with the additional rear cylinder scoops in the fairing? Others will know definitively :)
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  4. Hello and welcome from Ainley Top. Nice bike! :cool:
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  5. Welcome to the forum.:)
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  6. Greetings! Pretty bike mister -can I 'ave a go?
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  7. Thank you, that seems to match my suspicions. It is 28 years old so I’m discovering all kinds of improvements…
  8. It should look like this one.
    Ducati 750SS 93.jpg
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  9. Black wheels. I knew mine had been sprayed gold at some point.

    Black engine case, I thought that was a customise by the previous owner as mine a black (but poorly painted).

    Very useful.
  10. Your mirrors may have been painted too - usually just black plastic
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  11. Nice!
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  12. Welcome. Cracking bike!
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  13. Looks very tidy.
    My '93 900 had black wheels and red mirrors.
    750s were usually single front disc.
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  14. Hello and welcome

    White cardy's
    Men wearing skirts
    Some people own 1098r's
    Yellow is the only colour
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  15. Lovely my favourite and in red but you forgot to add a rubbish bin :) you can do it separately

    My 99 600 had scooped fairing gold wheels gold frame black mirrors silver engine

    oh and welcome into our mad house
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  16. Welcome and enjoy. Nice bike
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  17. Lovely bike, Welcome
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