1199 Went In For A Sat Nav Holder........ Bought A Panigale R

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  1. Well, I’ve had an interesting week. :cool:

    I went into my local dealer last Saturday to buy a Givi Sat Nav holder for my Hyperstrada.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 16.14.12.png

    I was aware that they had a 2nd Generation Panigale R in, which I had resisted looking at due to deciding a while back that one of these would be my next bike, but not wanting to buy right now.

    I sold my Streetfighter S to Steve @baylissboy a few weeks ago, because I wasn’t using it, he asked me a few times, was a gent, and really wanted it. One of the reasons for letting it go was that it released a large chunk of funds towards a Pani R. But, because I wouldn’t get the chance to use it much this year, I had decided to wait until winter with a few more coming onto the market being traded in against V4’s and PCP deals coming to an end. However, as with these things, I was keeping an eye on the market for these bikes and it wasn’t out of the question to buy one if the right bike came up. I have also witnessed the market on 2nd hand Ducatis getting very silly lately, and with this basically being the last of the V-Twin R bikes, if I buy now I’m not worrying about a sudden price jump. I still thought it would be later in the year though before I jumped in.

    So, currently, I was aware of 2 really good bikes for sale that had hardly been used.

    This one in my local dealer with 647 miles on it.

    Screen Shot 2018-05-07 at 16.01.24.png

    And this one, £2k cheaper and with only 436 miles on it. But in a dealer 400 miles away.


    While in the local dealer, with my shiny new Sat Nav holder in my hand, I had a look at the Pani R and snapped. It was mint and achingly beautiful. :heart_eyes: A switch flicked in my head, :thinkingface: "I’m going to buy one", the decision was made. I spoke to the owner, only to be told he had a deposit on it. :worried: Oh well, maybe things happen for a reason, never mind. :(

    But there was still the 2nd bike. I get home and call the dealer. It’s still available. :upyeah: Lots of interest apparently, but people wanting to finance the bike and getting refused. The conversation with Ian in sales went something like this.

    Me....“How much can you sell it to me for?”
    Him....“Do you have a P/X?”
    Him....“How much do you want to pay?”
    Him....“I can do it for £xx,xxx +£500”
    Me....“What about £xx’xxx + £250”
    Him..."Do you want to put a deposit on it today?"
    Him....“Deal, give me your card number”

    And like that, it was done in less than a minute, I now owned a Pani R :motorcycleduc: and a lot cheaper than the local bike, :)

    Right, Plymouth. :weary_face:

    Screen Shot 2018-05-12 at 09.01.30.png

    I could get it couriered for not much more than the price of the diesel to get there and back, but I prefer to do these things face to face and can loan a friend’s van.

    So, I got an early start in the early hours of Friday. Get there for mid morning, load the bike up, have a look around and a chat with Ian, turn around and head back. The M42 around Birmingham at 4.30pm on a Friday evening was fun. 2 mph for 2 hours. :mad:


    A big thumbs up for Ian in sales and all the staff at GT Motorcycles in Plymouth. They were spot on from the outset. They wrongly advertised as the bike coming with 6 months tax, which they don't usually do on a 2nd hand bike. They stood by the advert and taxed it without any fuss. The charger was not present. A brand new expensive charger came off the shelf and was handed to me. Great people. They also have a very nice set up down there, well worth a visit.


    So now it sits in the garage and I'm well happy with it.


    Not sure what to do with the rim stickers yet. They are growing on me. o_O

    Sorry @Ducbird no bin shot available yet, before I get a telling off. :worried:

    As I can't have anything without @Exige jumping on the wagon, I expect him to reveal one in the next week, in all probability. :thinkingface:

    And the question you are all asking? :thinkingface: ……..The Sat Nav holder is very cool.

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  2. Sometimes, you have to hate people you barely know....

    Great choice to collect. Done the distance thing once, ripped off, would never again. Better to lose a day travelling than thousands on something mis described :upyeah:
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  3. Lovely bike Rob:upyeah:
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  4. Very good, enjoy'
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  5. Very nice indeed , some close up detail piccies and bike history would be nice, enjoy!
  6. Ooops :eyes:

    Well done that man!!! - now who copied who :thinkingface:

  7. Congratulations, Stunning bit of kit :upyeah:
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  8. Piccies. o_O Me? :laughing:

    History. Well the guy looks to have bought it, used it for 3 months and then it's sat there. It is 3 years old next week. :eek:
  9. I will forgive you just this once as she is red and beautiful
    Rims are quite nice too :)
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  10. Congrats Rob,,Very nice will read up later when i have more time:upyeah::upyeah:
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  11. and don’t forget ya bins
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  12. Very nice on both the bike and the sat nav holder.
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  13. Congrats and a nice writeup to. Awesome garage! trez jel
  14. Nice one Rob

    Next on my list too :upyeah::)
  15. Beautiful bike, great addition. Seems the 2nd gen Pani R's are being snapped up quickly now... ;)
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  16. Congrats, and you got to see the beautiful South as an added bonus.... o_O
    They are good folks down there in Plymouth, I've had a couple of bikes off GT over the years when Mike Grainger owned it, not sure if he still does, as he did sell out to George Whites years back, but when they folded he bought it back ?? Enjoy the new scooter :upyeah:
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  17. Who would have thought that such people exist ( buying a bike and then parking it in a kitchen!):innocent:
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  18. Looks great, you saved 2K and its done less than 500 miles - result! I hope you had time for a real pasty whilst you were in Kernow.
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  19. Just have to get a red ducati scooter when they come out and then you have an all red garage........