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Featured What....a Triumph!

Discussion in 'Other Bikes' started by Expat Jack, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. Picked up new (second hand) bike this morning.

    IMG_3528.jpg IMG_3518.PNG IMG_3522.jpg IMG_3529.jpg IMG_3531.jpg IMG_3524.jpg

    Adds a second Trumpet to my garage alongside the Street Triple 765RS. I know the Daytona Moto2 765 is a bloody expensive bike for just a 750, old frame etc, but.......


    It was a toss up between this and a V2 and, as I have a Pani R and after having ridden the V2 for a day, I prefer the Trumpet. Its different and I dont think you will see many around.

    I got it second hand with just 120 miles on the clock for a (what i consider to be) a very good price. It has the very delicious Triumph Arrow rear sets, smaller LED indicators and tail tidy plus a neat back brake reservoir. I have also bought an official carbon V piece to fit at a nice discount.

    I have only ridden 50 or so miles this morning and first impressions are that it steers much quicker than the Striple. The chicken strips were a foot wide on collection - not any more ;) Looking forward to reaching 600 miles when I can start to rev it a bit harder. Think this may well have an outing or two at track days next season.

    Hope you like her as much as I do - but if you dont, meh!:D:cool::motorcycleduc::heart:
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  2. certainly no more than 764 others.

    Lovely bike, i'd love a play on track with her if you fancy loaning her out?
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  3. Stunning Rich:upyeah: can only imagine how nice it must ride having ridden the 765 Stiple! Usable power in the real world and far more accessible than all these 200hp Superbikes.... Great choice :cool:
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  4. What's the wet weight?
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  5. And you think you're not buying a kitchen :joy:
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  6. Just needs a good clean
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  7. Not sure. One source via Google says 165kg wet but I think that must be wrong. I will try and check and post up.
  8. So close to the truth. I had to ride through (we’ll slowly around) a bust water main on the way home o_O
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  9. 120 miles?
    You will not see many of those at the local bike meet.
    Please do not leave it unattended.
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  10. I think it’s a Triumph owner thing. I bought my Street Triple RS last October when it was 16 months old. One private owner, like this one. That had clocked up 124 miles. It’s now on 1800.
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  11. My 12,000 miles in 18 years seems excessive now :bucktooth::D
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  12. Very nice!!:upyeah::upyeah:
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  13. I think I am a member of that from years ago. There is only one forum, we all know that!!
    And, three red and two black seems nice to me (but will soon be two red, two black :()
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  14. Is snooker your thing Jack? :p:D
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  15. Not sure that's something you could rely on if MV had built it :joy:
  16. Well done, mate. Looks to be a cracking bike!
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  17. Your going to get a bollocking from you know who....where's your bins?;)............lovely.:upyeah:
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  18. Nice looking bike, bet it'll be a screamer on track.
    Apparently only 150 were allocated for the UK, a mate said he had a deposit down for one but backed out of it, a planned investment? Out of interest, don't say if you don't want to, did it cost you more or less than the list price?
  19. A fair bit less as it’s “used”. :upyeah:
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