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What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by bradders, Sep 6, 2019.

  1. Got much going on?
    Bit of maintenance?
    Bit of bike shopping?
    Bike or car meet?
    Swingers party?

    I have a weekend alone, Mrs B away again, so going to have a short ride tomorrow and see if I'm OK to ride yet, then need to take the car fir a spin so Sunday may head out to the coat for a run. And hit some balls, as I'm meant to be away next weekend on a Ryder Cup style North vs South event thing (buggy booked!) and I need to get more consistency or my terrible 25 handicap quickly becomes 36!
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  2. Off to an IQ concert tomorrow. Sunday lunch with my boys. Maybe I'll get a ride in if the weather is nice on Sunday afternoon/evening.
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  3. upload_2019-9-6_16-18-48.png
    This weekend I will mostly be doing stuff I'm told :D
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  4. Wedding evening do in planet Tadcaster this evening, last months accounts, out for a ride if weather permits, pub Sat evening probably, bit of fettling in the garage, and that's all...
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  5. I'm entered for a round of MX racing tomorrow, I love the track, hopefully I can hang on for the 3 races.
    Sunday, depends on Saturday
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  6. All depends on the weather.
  7. Fuck all and delighted to be doing it.
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  8. Oh yeah, and watching WSBK on catch up so I can watch the first two laps and the last two..!

    If weather is crap, think I may have a go at the flappy paddle conversion for my vdub.
  9. @bradders apart from you being crap at golf, what's up you can't ride, you have a fall?
  10. No and op which makes most stuff, sitting (like on a bike) and walking, uncomfortable. 2 weeks, advise is 4 weeks, so worth a shot :upyeah:
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  11. What I should have been doing this weekend is playing with my new tyre-changer widget. Instead, I spent a week of chatting to the vendor in an hilarious comedy of missed communications and confusion. As a result, I won't get to play with the widget for some time.

    I thought that being in the EU was meant to make importing things easier, not harder. FFS.
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  12. Bumped into a old school friend who I have not seen for 30 odd years a couple of weeks ago, turns out he is one of those iam thingies, so we are going out for a bimble in the morning so he can tell me how crap my riding is, should be fun :bucktooth:
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  13. I'm going to america tomorrow , 3week Road trip,
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  14. Waiting in for an AM clients shower cubicle delivery from wickes,A few bits on the bikes,shake down on the 916 weather premitting to see if the fairy technicians fixed it for me,maybe a bit of grass strimming on project two,plus much more for sure.:upyeah:
    ...but most definitely Not holding hands with bradders at a swingers gig;)
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  15. Don't pick up the V Dub keys :scream:
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  16. Phew. Thought I was going to get stuck with the 'short' straw there...

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  17. At some point go for a blatt on the SF after a hair cut try and get that bloody inflatable thing hidden in the conservatory. Sunday longer ride on the R and get the little lady to get some miles on her 959
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  18. Tomorrow morning I’ll be cleaning both bikes, then I’m meeting with a landscaper to talk about some ideas/costs for doing the back garden.

    In the afternoon we’ve got SWMBO’s brother and sister in law coming over and we’re going to the local fete.

    Sunday I’m off to see some racing at Oulton Park. Think I’ll go on the Scrambler :)
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  19. I am going to bury my dad under the patio
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  20. Ya need a hand with the inflatable thingy?
    ( That sounds a bit weird!)
    I'm doing f all this weekend.. a mate asked what I'm up to and I said I'm staying in bed all weekend.. he made me feel weird coz im single...
    Anyhu, on the strength of that, I feel obligated to do something (even though I don't wanna)
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