What Are You Watching......?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by XH558, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Mouth-watering:upyeah:
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  2. I have finished watching informer on iPlayer
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  3. Twitter. It's like watching the largest ever recorded tornado hit the largest ever box of frogs, ever.
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  4. Al Murry's why does every body hate the english.
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  5. Magnum P.I its rubbish
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  6. Oh but what a lovely car:thinkingface:
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  7. Better than Craig Murray's I'll tell you why :D
  8. Got to ride one of those many many years ago, not a Sheene bike obviously but it was a genuine "factory" bike with seemingly everything made of magnesium and the barrells were a completely different casting to a standard customer bike. How I wish I had taken up the offer to swap it for my TZ350 when it was offered. One of my biggest mistakes EVER!
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  9. Porn hub
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  10. You lucky man getting to ride one:upyeah::upyeah::upyeah:
  11. Yep, also had a few laps round Mallory on a mates OW31 Yam. He paid £2K for it in 1982 and he's still got it.
  12. Big Bang theory
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  13. Happy Valley on Netflix
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  14. Paint dry...
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  15. Gogglebox
  16. Killing eve has been fantastic so far
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  17. And Hinterland
  18. Anyone watching haunting of the house on the hill?

    Killing eve is good too
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  19. I have it on my watch list ready to scare the wife, is killing eve on netflix?