What Are You Watching......?

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  1. The in betweeners, but thought it wqs a new one off episode they made to mark 10years, sorely dissatisfied, can't stand that wanker Jimmy Car!!
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  2. You look like him, I thought you were him...………….. :eyes:
  3. The movie called "The Revenant" with Leonardo Dicaprio/Tom Hardy about a frontiersman set in grizzly bear country back in 1820's,a epic journey which would test any mankind...............savage.
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  4. I watched that too
  5. I was rooting for LICSIS
  6. Watched the imitation game last night
    Do wonder how close to the truth these ‘based on true story’ films are
  7. The loud-mouthed, self-proclaimed hero Yank?!

    You just dropped a few notches for me.... :p
  8. About as close as Tintagel Castle is to Harry Potter...
  9. I did think the only truths were his sexual preferences and that he helped decrypt messages.
    The film made it look like he won the war single handed.
    Not taking anything away from him, I’m sure he was a genius.
  10. Awww no :relieved:
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  11. Last of the summer wine. Nice easy travel home has ons benefits :upyeah:
  12. Luther - bloody marvelous!

    Having the big gaps makes me appreciate it even more.
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  13. Watching Norman Bates trying to get jiggy with his mum :confused:
  14. Watching part 2 now..
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  15. The Endeavour T.V series for the umpteenth time.
  16. "The Doctor, The Tornado, and The Kentucky Kid"...a second time this week.
  17. Q... “What are you watching...?”

    At this precise moment..... ?

    You, from across the road....

    Now I bet that’s got you thinking eh?
  18. Yep, why ain't you asleep!
  19. Because its difficult to be asleep whilst writing a post, trust me I’ve tried.. x
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