What Are You Watching......?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by XH558, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. Billy Connolly made in Scotland.
    Well worth a watch.
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  2. Loved the quotes. Now need to watch it
  3. "Sad Hill Unearthed" on Netflix - imposing and emotive documentary on those inspired to re-instate the fictional cemetary featured in the movie "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly"
  4. Luther. All week. Gritty. But crap ending. Shame
  5. Homefront, Jason Statham
  6. Just watched "Calibre" on Netflix.

    No way am I ever going hunting in the wilds of Scotland :eek:
  7. Watched Ghost Stories earlier today, Brit horror tale with Paul whitehouse amongst others. Not sure if I’d recommend or not...
  8. My neighbour getting undressed.
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  9. What's his name?
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  10. Interactive Black Mirror.
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  11. Brutal to the last but left a teaser; is Alice still alive? Will Luther escape prosecution and return for another series or even the much talked about film?

    Bring it on!
  12. That’s why I thought the ending was crap tbh. Simply writers looking for their next gig.

    And if she survived that, it may as well be Harry Potter for its gritty reality...
  13. Watched I, Daniel Blake, last night.
    Absolutely spot on regarding dealing with the state system, talk about Catch 22.
  14. They used loads of local people in the film. My mate is the job centre manager and it was his first film.
  15. I'll PM you his details. Seems a bit far for a GrindR date though, surely you can find a match closer to home?
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  16. Started watching designated survivor on netflix
  17. Anyone watch the brexit thing last night? Worthwhile? Looked like a mockumentary like the E1 type thing
  18. That's been recommended to me. Let me know what you think, DB!
  19. Watched on More4 yesterday evening with great interest,
    Inside jaguar
    Making a million pound car,Six lightweight aluminium bodied racing versions of the E types made from scratch,what a beautiful looking/sound car...................and i want one:upyeah:
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  20. Watching the Brixit thing from C4. Started off ok, but has quickly descended into demomstrating how leave lied and maniplulated. Guess it is C4 after all