What Are You Watching......?

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  1. Is it worth a watch ?

    C4 good at one sided documentaries so wasn’t sure whether or not to watch.
  2. Some of it is, the alleged insight into data mining is, and some of the strategic stuff (if you like that) but (almost) all leavers are portrayed as stupid. And white. Including the MPs they parody (Johnson, gove etc)

    Yet remain spin doctor is a saint working for the greater good..
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  3. So far so good
    Pilot episode a bit slow it’s getting going now I’m on 3rd episode
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  4. Just finished watching Britannia. Thought it was good.:upyeah:
  5. Isn't it all about Social Justice Warriors in the time of the Caesars?
  6. @Loz The first season was good and worth watching (this was actually the programme that made us take out a Netflix subscription just last year and then realise what we'd been missing all those years!) but IMO it went off the boil in season 2
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  7. Stewart Copeland from the music group "The Police" on BBC4 The history and art form of drumming,Excellent:upyeah:
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  8. At The End.
    Seriously avoid!! Worst film I’ve seen in years. Even less happens than in bird box, which was also terrible
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  9. Watching Luther at the moment, up to S05E01 now. It's been a long hard struggle.

    I'll give it a rating of 8/10 and 0/10. When it's good, it's good and when it's poor, Jebus Goat in a Sidecar, it is bollocks. Very patchy overall.

    Example - Whenever the innocent victim is being stalked by the amazingly gifted serial killer, I have taken to going "Baaaa" at the screen ... cos those victims ... I have never seen such fecking sheep in my fecking life. Painful to watch.

    I mean, do they or do they all not live/work in London? No survival instincts whatsoever. They must all have moved to London that very day from Scotchland, where there is literally no crime and there are no serial killers whatsoever.

    Really struggling with this one, not because it's awful - I'd bin it easily if it was just that - but because it is so uneven. Reminds me of Doctor Who except Luther does have some very good sequences.
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  10. It’s a filomatic catastrophe from the start, the ‘gangster’ characters are a cliche.

    Have you watched any of the series Patriot?
  11. I have not although I have heard of it. Is it good or pants?
  12. Fleabag series two is out soon,
    and I see the comedy series Catastrophe is on again.
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  13. Loved it, if you haven’t seen any of it I recommend watching from the start.
    It’s off beat dark humour had me hooked from the beginning. Well filmed with some good music.
    Give it a go, let me know what you think.
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  14. Loved Fleabag. Really hit the spot, that did.
  15. Did you see Sally4 Ever?
  16. Ssshh!

    It is on my HDD at home, and I am really looking forward to seeing it : o)
  17. Ohh you’re in for a surprise, I wasn’t expecting that, episode 4 I think, takes it to a whole new playing field!
    Enjoy :)
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  18. Turned off after that. Became nonsense, monologue, unfunny trash.
  19. Chips which is a bit rubbish but plenty of Ducati’s and silly bits.

    Sergeant Hernandez: You've had 23 surgeries. You can ride a motorcycle, I'll give you that.
    Officer Jon Baker: Yes, ma'am, like a motherfucker