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What Are You Watching......?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by XH558, Nov 2, 2018.

  1. agreed Jarvo is fairly handy at Erzo, epic course.
  2. Hunt for the Wilderpeople

    Kiwi comedy adventure and so far pretty funny

    One for @chizel & his mates
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  3. Vietnam lost films on the history channel.
    Some pretty brutal footage but very interesting.
    In WW2 the average days of combat for an infantryman was 10 in a year. In Vietnam it was 240.
  4. ???
    Thought it was 19
    N n n n 19
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  5. Anyone else watch This Country? On BBC iPlayer. Three series. Best British comedy since Friday Night Dinner. Some fantastic acting too.

    Also watched box set of Generation Kill. US drama about a Marines recon team in Gulf War 1. Top stuff. Made in 2008 but still very watchable. Kind of a Gulf war Band of Brothers.
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  6. Right now I'm watching my MacBook back up to my external; hard drive (Porsche Design by Lacie, obvs ;) ) and it only has 4 hrs to go. Last time backed up? 536 days ago.... :scream:
  7. 100% agree, however, it was Gulf 2 as an FYI. Gulf 1 was 1990. Gulf 2 was 2002-03.

    One of the best series, ever made reflecting war.
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  8. Thanks for the correction :) If you haven't seen it, 'Over There' is similar.
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  9. Not being a “know it all” as I know, fark all in general.

    I haven’t seen that, so thank you, I will watch.
  10. The 2013 third test Lions tour,a great test match when Leigh Halfpenny was on fire back then.
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  11. Jason Bourne, good film if you like that sort of thing
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  12. Watched them multiple times over the years.:upyeah:
  13. Hang em high.
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  14. Greed - Steve Coogan stars. Loosely based on Philip Green.
  15. its not a bad flick eh? well i liked it. us kiwi's are cppl!
  16. Yep :upyeah:
  17. Chris Harries on You Tube testing a BMW 1M and M2 back to back filmed at Anglesey Circuit. I know, its cars but I don't half fancy an M2 for when its raining.

    And some lovely camera work of Snowdonia in the back ground.
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  18. Upload Season 1 on Netflix.
    Dead to Me Season 2 on Amazon
    Supernatural Season 7 on Amazon (a re-watch)
  19. If you enjoyed that one, you could try "Boy" and "What we do in the shadows"
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  20. I would agree with 'What we do in the shadows' weird but very funny
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