What Has Got Under Your Skin Today?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. It’s fucking mental. Walks in to room, gets attached by guy with knife, cut to thru window, guy dying, bond covered in cuts and bruises.

    Woman being raced, or not coz they cut it, Bond girl duration in to confront her nemesis that killed her parents, she freezes and gets owned a bit then repv]certs but not til the guy has tainted her...not that you know as they cot the fucking lot.

    Then bond goes after baddie....cut straight to ‘I told you want you wanted to know, you said you wouldn’t kill me’. Not that we’d know..they cut it!
  2. I could
    Have just put the dvd on lol
    It does
    Suck though. Like
    The nanny state needs to get its head out of
    It’s arse
  3. Why is there some shit film about torville and dean on?
    They won one thing and that gets a
    Film made?
    In other countries there are sports stars who have won multiple awards and medals. They don’t get a film?
    Someone is seriously scraping the bottle of the barrel to keep promoting those couple of twats.
    Utter shit!
    Glad I’m going back to work tomorrow as anymore of this Xmas tv and I may hang myself
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  4. UK not exactly known for its winter sports... T&D and Cousins must be the only ones ever and they were around the same time.. I was shagging a bird from school when `bolero was on :upyeah:
  5. They are pretentious twats!
    Eddie the eagle was the man
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  6. Sky ......... I don’t want to chat about what channels I watch JUST CANCEL THE ACCOUNT o_O
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  7. I've had enough of the holiday now I've had 2 weeks off and there are really getting on tits now! Kids ,dogs , misses the bloody lot of um. How people don't go to work is beyond me!! Get me out this f#@king house!! :tired_face:
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  8. Currys web site it's not up to date regards stock waste of time
  9. Tried to purchase road fund licence for a vehicle online yesterday with my reminder form/number but they've just made it more difficult as you have to provide more information on a second page now:mad: i will go to the post office counter just for the hell of it:)
  10. Range Rover drivers. None of them appear capable to keep the chav mobile on their own side of the road.
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  11. Scabies
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  12. Yep! and the Audi, BMW, Volvo, Nissan drivers! in fact all SUV drivers particularly the female sort who think that if their offside wheels are on or just over the white line it's OK
  13. I'm fucking pissed off at myself, I'm fat, unfit, chest is heavy, legs are slow, knees hurt, growling doing my stuff, getting angry, press ups! Aye rite.
    Away to change my knickers
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  14. You need to watch one
    Of them green
    Goddess fitness
    Videos and
    Get on it
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  15. Let's see if we can turn that frown upside down :D

    Bought and paid for, cuts down on the heating bills in the winter so helps the planet and in the event of an off, More cushioning.

    Had a very fit mate die at 23 and one at 48, both very keen sportsman. As long as you can reach the beer fridge and get your leg over the bike, jobs's good un

    If the mrs ever leaves you because of your big girl whinging, shave your chest, wear a bra and turn the light out, you'll have something to play with . If you sit on your hand before you do, it will go numb and feel like someone else is touching you up

    you got yorkshire scottitus disease. It cause's grown men to be last to get to the bar to get a round in

    I feel ya buddy, Constipation is tough on anyone

    Put a Greggs pastie on a plate under your face when doing this, you'll be upto a thousand pies a week no worries

    Tenna ladies best for you madam :heart:
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  16. Sexist old goat :p
  17. Do what I do. All you an eat Chinese.
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  18. I'd eat the pastie

    Thank you very much dude still laughing at the reply.
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  19. Spent 8 (eight) hours in a pub as the designated driver. :zzz:
  20. Ah thats lovely, selling aftershave and ciggies.
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