What Has Got Under Your Skin Today?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Bought a lottery ticket for the evening draw.but no winning numbers:mad:don't tell me it rigged:rolleyes:
  2. Toilet attendant
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  3. Pimp
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  4. Let down, hurt, lost, abandoned.

    Never again. The awakening is happening.
  5. People who go early, like by hours and people who go late, like by hours, to celebrate the new year...

    They can work out how to light a firework, yet they can’t tell the bloody time...
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  6. Itv cutting another movie inappropriately last night.
  7. Every web page you go to open nowadays you have to accept to continue befor you can indeed, continue... bloody annoying or what... x
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  8. The good old BBC this morning seem determined to find an ‘expert’ that will say screen time causes something or other.
    All the ones they’ve talked to are saying no there’s no direct link.
    But they keep asking.
  9. Not under my skin today but will be on the 18th Feb.....................a scalpel taking off some skin cancer from my shoulder :eek:
  10. The fact that BBC website had nothing bout the Chinese moon landing yesterday, but were happy to propagate nonsense based on one persons opinion and splash it all over the pages and the day before had some blog from a zillion miles away that Nasa 'discovered'. Its a rock floating in space...
  11. Single plastic use is banned, its just a drop in the ocean
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  12. I’m sure everyone on here will join me by saying our best thoughts and wishes for a successful outcome our friend... x
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  13. We are friends with the cancerous growth on his shoulder? Hope it all gets away cleanly :):upyeah:
  14. Best wishes Terry for a good result.
  15. The Chinese are on the moon now?
    How fucken long is delivery gonna take now?
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  16. The people that won the 100 odd million on the lottery won't open the front door, I'm asking for much.
  17. Won Long Time
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  18. All the best,Tel.
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  19. Naah! He made one Olympics and it all went downhill...
  20. Re-.org on itv south west news, about Fitbit and other trackers being bad for you. Trott out 2 people, one clearly with an eating disorder and another seeking fame....blaming Fitbit for being addicted to fitness and ruining their lives. One was defo anorexic the other most definely not...

    Queue calls from ‘expert’ for the use of badges and rebates to be stopped, for messages ‘stop, you’ve had enough’ to be used etc etc

    Wtf is wrong with people?! EXERCISE CHOICE FFS

    I may have said as much on their Facebook wall...!