What Has Got Under Your Skin Today?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Noods, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. James O'Brien and Owen Jones :mad:
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  2. In agony with broken tooth all over Xmas and NY finally got it looked at only to be told it will be March before we can remove it, fully booked .. :(
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  3. Wanted to purchased a unsealed motorbike battery online today but they informed me that it comes with NO ACID,all because the EU have stepped in with the recent acid attacks,let's stick a plaster on it: unamused:
  4. Can you not get booked in as an emergency?
  5. Doesn’t your nearest dealer have something in stock complete with acid pack?
  6. Ha ... yep I got an emergency appointment just to be told it needs to come out, but sorry we’re too busy to do anything with it today you need to make an appointment etc etc .. Mid March... Tbh when in the waiting room all you hear are staff telling people they can’t access their dental services as they’re not taking any new patients on.. it’s like every other phone call.. so guess I’m lucky with March..
  7. work, I hate it, xmas break lovely then back to carnage...... I think the Uk is in the dumps
  8. eBay seller insisting something must have been packed as they weigh it...sent direct from supplier...and its not there...and seems to be suggesting it’s my fault! Reported within 10 mins of delivery!
  9. It's not for a ducati but a japanese machine:upyeah:
  10. :scream:
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  11. Shower has packed in :mad:

    Also thought I’d turn the breaker off for it, but the one labelled ‘shower’ seems to do sod all. The breaker labelled ‘Hot Water’ isolates the shower but also the boiler.

    Looks like I will need an electrician and a plumber when I get back from site.
  12. Open letters
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  13. This seems to have got to a few of you southerners. ;)
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  14. Feckin ebay shops who think its ok to put 30 pages of the same bloody item, name and shame, scooterandbikes from Cardiff, 30+ pages of brake pads for the panigale, bunch of tossers.
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  15. The ice cold weather:(
  16. Dishwasher tablets. Do any of the things actually work.
  17. Only in a dishwasher. No good in the sink :upyeah:
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  18. Goading, that’s what got under my skin today.
    And I’m not at all impressed with it or it’s consequences
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  19. Well I’m an occasional dishwasher albeit normally only on a Saturday or Sunday, I’ve tried as you suggested taking the rather large dishwasher tablets as prescribed by yourself and all they’ve achieved for me is a lot of froth especially when I drink a glass of water... ? Also taking them away from the sink seems to make little difference. I even took one whilst attending my geraniums in the conservatory yesterday and nope, exactly the same effect..

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  20. My sister, she’s a c%#t :triumph:
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