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What music are you listening to ?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Imola, May 26, 2012.

  1. Todd is Godd.
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  2. Have you tried Thunder Cat, super cool bass guitarist that has collaborated with Michael McDonald amongst others.
    He plays like he has ten fingers on each hand, find a video.
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  3. So this oddity ^^^ just popped up.

    Compare and contrast to the more familiar (to me) version:

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  4. Sssssmmmmooootttthhhhh : o )

  5. Back to the IMJ ...
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  6. Have a look at the video for Childish Gambino, This is America, the track works much better with the video, most people watch it a couple of times, just to catch the bits they missed
  7. Naah...Oops Wrong Planet??
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  8. You lightweight.

    : o )
  9. Big fan of this young lady after watching her set at glasto

    can’t wait for the film - great song imo

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  10. Our friends son is releasing his second album today, he trades as ED THE DOG
    He may not get the attention he deserves with all the Bond shite coming out today.
    Check him out,he will be on radio 1 later today
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  11. That looks like Donald Trump on the King Crimson cover, ironic?
  12. She has some great videos on the more esoteric video entertainment sites..
  13. Oh wow:

    It's even got jazz flute.
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  15. Jazz......Nice
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  16. yes, no-one misses a chance to get political on their "other matters" platform now - a bit like here.. :thinkingface:
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