What Roadside Assistance/breakdown Cover?

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  1. Just insured the banana for another year but would prefer to get teh roadside separately like i do with the cars. autoaid for cars insurers the person not the vehicle and provides free cover to spouse.

    anyone got any recommendations that have been tried in anger? dont hope to use it much but would like to have something in place for roadside recovery etc. uk only required
  2. I'm currently with RAC and they have been helpful in the past, with a snapped chain, couple of flat tyres and a non-starting bike over the years.

    However, the premiums have been surging in recent years and it is likely I am going elsewhere next year. Unless of course they start being reasonable again.
  3. interestingly i renewed with them this year but didnt go for their breakdown... their renewal quote was shocking but after giving them a fairly aggressive target to beat they ended up reducing their renewal quote by about 40%
  4. I'm with RAC, although in 10 years I can't report on the service as I've never had to use them.

    As @Loz says, the premiums have been rising quicker than an over yeasted loaf. They wanted about £115 from me this year, up from about 90ish last year. A quick phone call to them got it down to £60 when I was going to go elsewhere.
  5. Bastard : o D

    They wanted to charge me £113 but I got them to make it cover 15 months. Oh well, they'll drop it further next time when I tell them - truthfully - that I am leaving : o )
  6. I used a price comparison site and there were some good deals out there for around the same price. None of them had the profile of The RAC so I just stayed with them. i would have moved if they hadn't shaped up. :upyeah:
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  7. I've noticed that often the breakdown policies sold at the same time and by your insurers, tend to be quite restrictive so it's always worth asking what does it cover, what does it not cover and are there any restrictions.
  8. I had RAC personal cover courtesy of IAM for two years now, but won't renew-they sub-contract recovery up here to a separate company, who are pants. One car and bike are covered under manufacturer's recovery, but I'm in two minds whether to bother for the other car. If I do, it won't be RAC.
  9. My comapny cars are always new and I have them less then a year, so they come with breakdown cover. I only have the RAC for the bikes, and like I say, I've never used them. :innocent:
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  10. I rate this "Useful" but only cos there isn't a "Lost in Admiration" rating.
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  11. I've used various breakdown providers in the past but now get the cover with the bank account. I had a Nationwide Flexaccount which I upgraded to a Flexplus account giving me (and my wife) breakdown cover for any vehicle, in the UK and Europe AND worldwide travel insurance AND mobile phone insurance. All this for £13 which I think is well worth the money. Mind you a couple of months ago they increased the cost from £10 a month and removed the extended warranty protection, identity theft Assistance and worldwide emergency card assistance. I still think it's good value though. Previously I was paying £120 a year for breakdown cover for my wife and myself in any vehicle for the UK ONLY.
    I haven't had to use the breakdown service (fingers crossed ) but my son, who has the same service, has needed it and a local recovery unit was with him with him in 30 minutes.
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  12. I have a Flex Account. I may look into upgrading next time the breakdown cover is due. Cheers @Derek
  13. As far as I'm aware the AA are the only ones who don't sub-contract and and the only ones with dedicated flat-bed recovery vehicle for bikes, but they charge. They won't disable auto-renew either so you have to keep an eye out for the renewal papers each year and ring to stop it or you'll get stung. Ring up and threaten to leave and you'll get the same rate as last year or you've got to tell them you don't want to renew and then sign up as a new member online after its lapsed to get the sweetener rate. Very underhand that in my view. Auto renew shouldn't be legal unless the buyer specifically asks for it. You shouldn't have to keep an eye on your post or emails to avoid getting turned over.
    On the other hand, when you really need them the AA probably offer the best service. I keep paying through gritted teeth but if there was a less cynical alternative who offered proper customer care I'd be gone.
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  14. I was told by a lady at Ducati insurance that the break down cover they sell is crap and my money would be better spent elsewhere. Very honest of her I thought.
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  15. .....Or she's just an arsey employee who isn't on comission to sell it, and couldn't be arsed to fill out the paperwork. :)

    Call me cynical. :rolleyes:
  16. Also, arrange your cover through "topcashback" site.
    Usually get £50/£60 back off your policy.
    My £129 rac policy cost me £70 this year.
    You normally have to wait 60 days for the cash back, but it's free and easy to do.
  17. cunical?
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  18. Typo? :D
  19. He's half Greek.