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What Started You On Your Ducati Journey?

Discussion in 'Ducati General Discussion' started by Symon Moore, Dec 21, 2018.

  1. I was a 17yr old in 1981. I’d graduated from a Fizzie to an RD250LC & was loving my motorcycling. Then I saw this...


    I hadn’t a hope in hell of affording it but other than Debbie Harry, I don’t think I’ve ever lusted after anything or anyone as much. Would’ve loved to have owned one, but at least it gave me Ducati! *sigh*
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  2. the Apprilia salesman was a butt hole. one hour later i owned a ducati.
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  3. Yep, I was 17, rode a Fantic Cabalero and one day walked past a garage and saw a petrol tank sitting in a box in the showroom. It was blue with golden insert and had Ducati written on the tank. I popped my head round the door and said where is the rest of it? I borrowed £30 of lawn mowing money from my Dad, threw in my £20 and bought a 250 Mk III in several boxes. A year later I had it up and running. All my mates had LCs and Superdreams. Forty years later and I have bought loads of them and still have four in the garage.
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  4. My uncle Franco in Italy. It’s his fault.
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  5. I was fed up with reliable bikes
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  6. Foggy started my journey. A 2000 my 748e the bike owning journey

    And never had one I regretted or didn’t enjoy since.
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  7. This puppy.

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  8. Was into British bikes until my 30’s but always liked Ducati’s owned by friends.

    Couldn’t afford but loved the 851 888 and then 916.

    My first Ducati was a 916 bought for me by my wife for my 40th birthday.
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  9. I'm not surprised, He couldn't even spell Aprilia. o_O The Ducati salesman looks no better mind, not knowing that a name should start with a capital. :eyes:
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  10. I've posted my story before, but to condense it.......

    My mate bought a 916 :motorcycleduc:, I said "What do you want one of them for?", I did half the riding of it back from Birmingham for him, put my Fireblade up for sale the next day, bought a 916, have never looked at much else but Ducatis ever since, the end.:noentry:

    Fireblade 1.JPG
    916 BP.JPG
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  11. Ducati’s are my favorite, but you’re missing out!
  12. On what? :thinkingface:
  13. Wagging school and daydreaming at Sports Motorcycles in town. It was an education all of its own.
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  14. Stuff o_O
  15. Stuff other stuff. I like Ducatis. :mad:
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  16. You've been red and angry ever since that first one :eyes:
  17. Always been into trail bikes. Did loads of overlanding. Kids mean I can't take too much time off anymore so treated myself to a mint Superduke 990 for the commute. Found I like a decent V Twins so thought I'd better get a Ducati before they went the way of the dinosaur. Happy with my Panigale. Lovely bike.
  18. I also had an RD250LC in 1981 as my first bike at 17 - but went a different route, Z1000 on passing my test in '81, turbocharged it a year later, many years playing with Kawasaki's. Bought a 998 about 7 years ago (a proper one in yellow) :):upyeah:
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  19. :mad:
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  20. I always loved the 916 shape of bikes as I was growing up then passed my bike test and that was it had to get one, along came my 748r.

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