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What Whiskey Are You Drinking?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by West Cork Paul, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. unicorn hair... ;)
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  2. Is there a 17 Doublewood?
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  3. you can get it online for £102 a bottle.
  4. online in Vietnam for liquor doesn't work :relieved:
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  5. and just for @Expat Jack (and @Gandalf if you're following the 'What have you done today' thread, it was this whiskey.
    They are local to us and this one is one of their limited edition ones where they flavour the whiskey with something, in this case it's a bit of oak thats been festering at the bottom of a peat bog for 5000+ years. It makes for a very fine and smooth whiskey with a distinctive flavour :upyeah:

    ps Feck me..... there's a ghost or two in the bottle:eek:. Time to stop drinking
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  6. Will you play with us :D
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  7. I was gonna say, with tequilla they have a maggot and west cork whiskey they have two midgets
  8. They must Own panigales then
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  9. They’re the 2 sisters used to own the. bar I took that photo in. Both lived to over 100. Last one died 3 years ago at 102. Spooky. Twilight zone stuff.
  10. This is my most favourite Whiskey around, I love the peaty taste ( I call it BBQ flavour )
    I drink one of these most nights as there a zero cal per drink.... two cubes of ice and that's it....bloody wonderful drop.
    Also have a bottle if Tamnavulin on the go.. a Speyside Single....more of an orange after taste and definitely no peat. Quite nice for a change.

    Importantly, it's all about your tumbler...
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  11. ‘Zero cal per drink’: you must be forgetting to put the whiskey in the glass then as 40% abv has 50 calories per shot.
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  12. Oh hell.....I reckon I burn 150 cal just drinking it.... so that evens it out right ?

    I like your knowledge of whiskey tho
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  13. It’s fat free too and less than .01% carbs so it must be healthy, right?;)
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  14. stop now i have resisted this thread for a long time, 6 months on the wagon now not one drop of alcohol, just kept right away from the pub. Xmas coming and there is a cupboard full of single malts, it would be rude not to try one. Liver must be repaired now ?
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  15. Give yourself a little Christmas treat PB, a reward. You don’t have to go to the pub and you don’t have to go OTT:upyeah:
  16. Trouble is my instincts are like a terrier, you better get it down you, cause you don't know when the next one will be.
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