What Whiskey Are You Drinking?

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by PaulPhillips, Nov 14, 2018.

  1. I agree, a Laphroaig a year is quite sufficient ....:)
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  2. I meant the pressie wrapping. Can’t get enough Laphroaig. Or Ardbeg. Or Lagavullin or anything else really peaty from Islay:upyeah: Merry Xmas.
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  3. My husband and I toured distilleries (part of the "bourbon trail") in Kentucky a couple of years ago. Buffalo Trace, Wild Turkey, Woodford Reserve, and Town Branch. Got to try samples at each place including vodka hair of the dog at Buffalo Trace. 160 proof. My throat burned for 2 days. Husband's favorite so far is Crown XR. I prefer Jagermeister. Whiskey samples were sheer torture to me.
    Links below, great story about Islay and making whiskey there on 60 Minutes last night. Interesting that they purchase and reuse barrels from America.
    Also had a segment on a restaurant, Osteria Francescana, in Modena, Italy. #1 rated in the world and the owner rides a customized Ducati.
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  4. EBCB291D-4810-4E1B-A1C1-DA700A11D8C4.jpeg
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  5. No Whisky here, just a Roku 6 (Japanese Craft Gin) and a few ice cubes.
  6. Going to be passing through Dubai next week and fancy picking up a sherry cask whisky. Any recommendations?
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    Look for something that’s 12 years old, the first 10 will have been spent predominantly in new oak barrels (although some mix in old bourbon or whisky barrels as well); the last 2 years will be finished off in A N Other pre-used barrels to impart that particular flavour. It will tell you what’s been used on the label/package. Also what appears in Duty Free around the world is usually different to what you’ll find in regular shops, having been made especially for the DF market.

    Having said all that, if you can pick up a 12 year old Balvenie Doublewood, you’ll not go far wrong. Beautifully smooth, and you won’t be knocked for 6 by the peat.

    Have a safe trip.
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  8. Just to join late - I had a large Laphroaig at the local pub just before Christmas (bartender tells me he's the cheapest in the country?!) and I saw in the New Year with a large Jura - which was nice.
    I usually have an 10 year old Aberlour as my old man decided to purchase a millennium barrel of the stuff and gave me 2 cases, very nice it is too :upyeah:
    I remember doing the Jameson's tour whilst in Dublin (very nice also) but couldn't help noticing the 'made in Dufftown' plates on their stills which tickled me while they were saying how good triple distilled Irish Whiskey is compared to that Scotch stuff - industrial banter methinks :)
  9. Aha, the stills may be made in Scotchland but the whiskey's made in Ireland and distilled through the stills because
    a) the Scotch are lazy (they can't even be bothered to put all the letters in whiskey!) and
    b) there's an Irish saying 'to be sure, to be sure, to be sure'. ;)

    ps. Just kidding, it's not meant to be racist, it's a joke. Before anyone starts.
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  10. This thread is pushing economic growth.
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  11. Younger son lives in Boise Idaho, and he gave me a bottle of "Seven Devils" Idaho Whisky last year for my birthday.

    I opened it yesterday, and it's pretty damned good (45 %)

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  12. Finished a bottle of Hellyers Road Pinot Noir Single Malt last night. A very nice whisky. I didn’t know that anything decent came from Tasmania. Have to admit that it was my dad’s bottle that a friend gave him. Neither of us can afford a £70 bottle of whisky.
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  13. Jesus - i thought "ill have a look at that thread.." go to page 3 then jumped to the end....theres some serious drinkers on here....8 pages of drinking - seems like people made more effort to post here than bike related stuff!. I dont drink atall so i find it all a bit strange.......theres some proper rum ambassadors on here (my mate found a magazine years ago with that name) i found it hilarious as there was a magazine dedicated to rum..
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  14. Not strange at all, you need to put a little effort in!
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  15. I cant...anything alcoholic to me tastes like im getting a fuel tank draining with a siphon....i never acquired the taste....coupled with the fact that right from a young age i spent my time in skate parks, skate boards, roller skates, ice skates, bmx's and then bikes...things that ll dont mix well with alcohol...
  16. Whiskey is my preferred tipple, I prefer to drink it mixed 50-50 with water. I have tried many different whiskeys, some ridiculously expensive, some average, some blended supermarket ones too.
    I expect this will be controversial, but I actually enjoy Bells, I find the dilution helps the taste.
  17. Definitely diluted would be way to go with bells!
    I’d suggest a ratio of 80/20, 20 being whiskey, add hot water, honey and cloves
    and you’ve the perfect cold remedy.
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  18. Can we do Rum on the next thread?
  19. You wouldn't want to be doing that with a bottle of Yamazaki though!
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  20. This is the stuff. If your favourite malt whisky had a one night stand with a fine French cognac this would be their offspring. Yes, I have been drinking! DF928CFC-DF8A-49CC-930F-BF3C5F4636CD.png
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