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What Youtube Builds Are You Watching.?

Discussion in 'Builds & Projects' started by rhubarb and custard, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Loving this crazy Norwegian bastard.
    I do have a soft spot for a Two smoker.
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  2. Binkey, Project Escorgot, Murray Mk1, Desmosedici RR rebuild
  3. Binky for me aswell.
  4. What is it with Scandanavians? o_O Are they all menkal?

    I hope he can get this to work. :) :upyeah:

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  5. Long winters up there, lots of shed time!
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  6. Goonzquad.
    Couple of young guys, have been watching them get more ambitious over the years.
    Now re-building wrecked Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s with no previous knowledge but a great attitude!
  7. OMG this is such a dangerous thread. I just lost a whole morning of work thanks to this :) Watching the guy who bought a Ferrari with 'mystery damage'... SO ADDICTIVE.
  8. Mustie 1 is a good watch.
  9. Strictly not a build, but........ :) :upyeah:

  10. RS2000 :heart_eyes:

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  11. DesmoWerx for me at the moment, I posted a separate thread about it actually to see if others like him

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  13. Just started , a Ducati 600ss rebuild , Really Random Channel and its a red one so that should please her lady ship.:innocent:
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  14. Episode 28 of Binky came out on Christmas Eve. Car now stripped for paint. Six years in and I am still an avid fan.
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  15. Luckily I only discovered Binky in March this year.!

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